Difference between brown and white eggs?

What’s the difference b/t a brown egg and a white egg?

Answer #1

I’m not sure what the difference is, but I know I had both of them, and you can’t tell the difference between the 2 in taste.

Answer #2

brown eggs are healthier then white eggs.

Answer #3

all I know is they obviously come from different species… maybe one is better quality though?

Answer #4

the colour lol

Answer #5

one’s brown and ones white.

Answer #6

Brown eggs come from a more biodiverse pool. Farmers selectively bred hens to lay white eggs some time back because white eggs stand out visually and are therefore easier to find…but of course with selective breeding comes a narrowing gene pool. Brown and white eggs taste exactly the same and I know of no nutritional difference but I like brown eggs because they seem more natural given the issue of genetic diversity.

Answer #7

Chickens are just like people in that, generally, a white chicken will lay a white egg and a brown chicken will lay a brown egg, but they’re pretty much the same on the inside. Technically, it has to do with the color of the chicken breed’s earlobe, but most folks don’t get close enough to the chicken to look. Since we feed all of our chickens the same high-protein all vegetable feed, there is no nutritional difference between a white or brown egg.

Answer #8

Mostly the only difference is a cosmetic one and warning this is probably more info than you need or want on eggs hehe but …

however apparently According to the Egg Nutrition Board (and who should know better?), “White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white feathers and ear lobes. Brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers and red ear lobes. There is no difference in taste or nutrition between white and brown eggs.”

The people at Crisco (who may know even more than the egg nutritionists) go further to say, “They simply come from two different breeds of chickens. Brown eggs, however, are more expensive because the chickens that lay them eat more than those that lay white eggs.” Among the breeds that lay brown eggs are the Rhode Island Red, the New Hampshire and the Plymouth Rock–all larger birds that require more food. As quoted from the straight dope science advisory board :-)

Answer #9

lmfao!!! god this question and answers are funny! (no im not makin fun of your question..) well we own like fifty chickens/chicks/roosters and from what I see and
witnessed..(if you want to call it that way) just like chickens vary so does the egg..our very small cute gray (yes gray) hens produce very small cute little white eggs..our red chickens/orange do the same but larger and longer white eggs..but they lay brown ones too! I don’t know..I guess you can say that it depends on the chicken..not its color..shoot..I had a little black hen who layed GREEEN eggs! and we have another one that lays eggs as big as an inch! of course theres nothing in it..but techanicly theres no good or bad just because of the color..

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