What can and cannot vegetarians eat?

What can and cannot vegetarians eat? I’m becoming one, and so is my best friend. I would please like list of what vegetarians can and cannot eat. Thanks Moe~

Answer #1

hello, the questions you should be asking yourself are: Why am I becoming a vegetarian? Am I ready to make such a Comitment?

And the big one… What should I eat?

Many vegetarians think its just eating salads, and a few carrots!! Your body needs multiple types of protiens, minerals, and vitamins, if you don’t get the proper things you can become seriously ill. Take a month or two and really research the lifestyle and see if it is something you want to do. look up diets consult your doctor, and see a nutritionist. I am a proffesional Chef, part of my career I worked in a vegan and vegetarian kitchen. I am not either myself but I have seen the life of vegetarians. Please trust me and dont rush into it. It can be a great lifestyle, and a very healthy one. but it can be dangerous too!

Answer #2

well I became a pollo vegetarian. its working out to avoid [red]meat. btw [unreleted] but is trukey leaner than chiken?

Answer #3

Monique, I’m lacto vegetarian and pretty much eat anything which isn’t meat or seafood and eggs, but I do consume dairy products for example milk and cheese.

If your legal to drink alcoholic beverages, just remember the drinks tends to hit us (vegetarians) faster as we don’t have any gross digested food (meats) sitting in our tummy to obsorb the liquor.

Answer #4

I used 2 be a veggie :]] you cant eat meat so you cant eat bacon, chickenn bla bla bla lool, you can still have dairy products though like butter, milk CHOCOLATEE :D there is food that you can buy at the supermarket like vegetarian ham (thats really nice) + veggie sausage rolls + veggie burgers etc.

Answer #5

Well vegies and you can eat fish I’m considering but I don’t think it’s going to happen

Answer #6

Vegetarians dont eat any type of meat, Fake meat maybe(:

Vegans, total different story.

Good luck!

Answer #7

theres no need for a list lmaoxD

a vegetarian is someone who doesnt eat meat,which is obviously any animal (cows,chickens,duck.)

a VEGAN doesnt eat any animal products including (milk,cheese,eggs,and seafood)

some vegetarians eat seafood but many dont.

Answer #8

dont eat meat. Everything else is ok, if you were a vegan it would be much more complicated.

Answer #9

I used to be a vege, you don’t eat any type of meat. and you gotta check labels of everything because some things have meat and you dont know. lol. it would be easier to become like half vege. eat fish and chicken and just dont eat red meat. its kinda dangerous- you should get iron pills because living with no meat lowers your iron levels. some vegetarians dont eat products from animals either (called vegans) so they dont eat milk eggs cheese etc either.

Answer #10

Turkey is leaner

Answer #11

Anything that doesnt have dead animal. Vegains nothing from an animal, butter,icecream,milk.,meat…

Answer #12

im a vegatarion, just all meat you cant eat

Answer #13

I’m pretty sure you just can’t eat meat if you’re becoming a vegetarian not a vegan.

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