it worth it?

I want to become vegetarian but most of my favorite foods are meat is it worth giving them up to know that the animals are not being killed because of me?

Answer #1

Ty hits that one on the head. Still with the way that the world works thre is virtually no way you can avoid the use of animals just because you only eat vegetables. As someone who enjoys reading all of the reasons vegans decide not to eat things unless you adhere to something very, very, very strict you’re killing some animal (may not be a furry one, but the animal kingdom encompasses a lot).

To vulture - that is largely opinion. I think all of that tofu stuff tastes like a55. I don’t like the black bean stuff so much either. I am pretty sure I’d rather just get shot then forced to become vegetarian, and I actually like most vegetables.

Answer #2

That was my big problem when I became a vegetarian. One persons effort does make a huge difference even though you can’t really see it. I live in Georgia where every meal contains some type of meat. I simply switched out any type of meat for a type of beans or tofu. Baked beans and other types of beans take the place of meat in a meal. Trust me, when you switch over you will feel so much better… not just mentally but physically! Sam

Answer #3

No one can tell you whether it is worth it to you… This is a personal decision. You decide what it is worth…

Answer #4

I would say so theres a veggie version of like every meaty dish and it tastes even better…plus its not as bad for you

Answer #5

if you really want to be one, you could just have tofu. Tofu hot dog, tofu burger, for however long you want to be a veg.

Answer #6

no because even if you dont eat meat everyone elese will there not gonna stop JUST cause of you trust me it wont make a difference.

Answer #7

the animals are going to be killed anyway. wether you eat it or not. they’re bred for slaughter.

Answer #8

did you know…the average vegetarian saves 100 animal lives per year.

so yes. they are being killed just for you.

think about it. lets say you have a 5 person family. your mom is grocery shopping for chicken breasts. the average package has 2 in it. one for each person. you mom buys 3 packs of chicken breasts for your familys dinner tonight so you, your two brothers, and your parents could have it. if you dont eat meat… your mom would buys less.

just trust me. it really does work out that way. im a vegetarian… and my mom really does buy less meat because she knows only her and my dad are going to eat it.

…and with 365 days a year… 3+potential meals containing meat per day… how dare anyone say turning vegetarian wont make a difference.

thats just downright ignorant.

“animals are going to be killed anyway”… yea, they will. but LESS will be killed. its supply and demand. 12.4 MILLION PEOPLE are vegetarians!!! x that by 100 animal lives saved per year PER PERSON… yes. YOU WOULD BE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

thats the biggest problem in the world today… the “let somebody else do it” mentality… the “one person cant make a difference” mentality… well guess what. YOUR NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS A VEGETARIAN!!! you will be part of a group.

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