I really want to become vegetarian for animal rights but I love meat and I live in texas so everyone eats meat. my family is huge on meat. last time I said I wanted to become vegetarian theysaid I couldn’t last a week. I did but they still don’t believe me. I want to convince them. also, what kindof foods do vegans eat? I think I like milk too much togive it up but I am curious. any help?

Answer #1

well milk is discusting anyways funmail me and ill tell you why…they have meat alternatives…like fake chicken nuggets..haha I am a vegan and there isnt much that we can eat…but I am really healthy and I like never get sick

Answer #2

Well I have been a Vegetarian for all my life and I know for a fact that meat is bad for you and that you don’t need it as a source of protein. You could drink milk and eat nuts.

Answer #3

…”I know for a fact that meat is bad for you”? Where did you get that one from? Humans are omnivores. We are designed to eat meat, as well as vegetables and other foods. We have teeth designed for grinding up flesh and the enzymes in our stomachs and GI tracts have had millions of years worth of evolution to have perfected the digestion and utilisation of meat as an energy source. Meat is not bad for you.

Answer #4

Ok fromautumntoashesx3 advice was completley messed up (no offence.) I am a vegetarian and I will explain:

Vegetarian- no meat, no fish. Pescetarian- no meat, fish is allowed. Vegan- no animal products at all (eggs, milk ect.)

When your a vegan, instead of normal cows milk you can drink soy milk.(It’s quite nice.) And you can get special things like vegan chocolate and pasta. So I suppose its not that hard because you got all the replacements.

Hope this helped. =]

Answer #5

ok well I have the exact same problem I have tried so many times to give up meat its not funny, nobody has faith in me anymore and I dont have faith in myself, im only a teen so my body needs meat to grow so I have decided that I am going to wait till I am about 16-17 . if your a vegetarian you really have to learn how to cook tofu and all these different things like that. try looking recipes up on the internet. my advice is to try being a vegitarian for a short time to see if you like it , if its too hard then just cut down on how much meat you eat and try being vegitarian for a long time before you become vegan they dont eat milk or eggs or honey . thanks, I have a lot to say bout this subject lol .

Answer #6

vegatarian is completely different from a vegan.. vegans cant even wear anything that has any sort of animal in it, suc as wool or leather, they cant eat dairy such as icecreem cookies cakes or drink milk .. pretty much ANY THING that has to do with animals they dont touch.. a vegaetarian just doesnt eat meat, but I know many that still eat fishj.. doesnt make sence to me since a fish is still an animal.. but if you do become a vegetarian you you obviously vegitable and rices and grains and that fake meat stuff.. umm I forgot what is called I think soy, like soy bugers and stuff like that.. I honestly could never do it.. and if you like eating meat why stop? just band the brands that kill the animals inhumane.

Answer #7

I didn’t choose to live in Texas, born and raised here.

Answer #8

You sure picked the wrong place to be a vego in!

Answer #9

There are a few vegetarians in the lone star state.

I’ve been a vegetarian here since spring of 1980.

It was tough for me at first. I was very much a meat and potatos kind of guy. Since becoming a vegetarian my tastes have changed a lot and I find that I enjoy a wider variety of food than I ever dreamed of when I ate meat.

My main motivation is health rather than animal welfare. I know dairy is hard to give up but I think from a health point of view dairy is even worse than meat. It was the last thing I gave up when it probably should have been the first. I haven’t 100% given up dairy. Sometimes at restaurats I’ll eat dishes with some dairy and on my birthday every year I have a pint of my favorite ice cream but other than that I avoid it.

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