Vegan/Vegetarian recipes?

I’m going to do it…

Im going to lose weight,a and be healthier…


who can find a website with recipes? for a really picky eater who’s never had tofu and is afraid to try XP

I tried googling it, and.. didnt get much…

so who wants to help me? and if your a vegetarian… whats your favourite recipe?

Answer #1

well, I’ve been trying for years…

and I stop thinking about it. and I at meat…

I hate the idea of eating bloody meat… because its no different than eating people meat…

but I cant help it…

Answer #2

First of all, you can be vegetarian or vegan and still get all your protein and nutrients. I eat mostly vegetarian (occasionally fish), and I have found a lot of things to make sure I am still getting protein, vitamins, etc. First, for breakfast, something like yogurt is a really great choice…yogurt has protein, and you can also add musli ( a mix of nuts (more protein) oats and fruit). This is also pretty filling. Oatmeal is also a great choice, and you can mix in nuts and fruit to make it more filling. There is a brand called Fantastic that makes sloppy joe mix and other good things out of textured soy protein. I know it sounds gross, but these are actually delish! They key is using spices and stuff to add in flavor. Silken tofu is great to blend with fruit and some milk for a smoothie with lots of protein. There are a couple of vegetarian meat things that I don’t like (Boca burgers, for example). But Boca also makes meatless chicken patties…which are awesome. Basically you just have to try different ones to see what you like! For weight loss, I have turned to beans. You can do an unlimited number of things with all different kinds of beans…cold salads, soups, and mixed with rice and spices for a meal. Silk makes a great soy milk if you want to go Vegan. They are by far my favorite brand of soy milk. You can also get soy cheese called Veggie Shreds that is really good. So Delicious is a brand that makes soy Ice cream, which I think is really yummy too. Anyways, this is just some advice from my experience. I have lost 50lbs, and I know that cutting out meat has definitely helped. Feel free to write to me if you have any more questions!

Answer #3

Try this place if your vegan! There is plenty of recipes for you to choose from. :3

Also if you like pasta try this recipe:

2 cups elbow macaroni 4 cups water 1 onion, chopped 1-2 tablespoons water 1 15-ounce can tomato sauce 1 15-ounce can water 4 teaspoons chili powder salt and pepper to taste 10-ounce box frozen corn 19-ounce can kidney beans, drained (or 2 cups cooked kidney beans) 1-3 tbsp. nutritional yeast

Cook pasta in water until tender. Drain. Sauté onion in a large, non-stick pot, adding water as necessary. Add remaining ingredients, as well as cooked pasta. Simmer 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot.

about 4-6 servings …I think…Enjoy!

Answer #4

xxxemoxxlifexxx, the only site I found with a similar URL was one by Morningstar Farms.

I know a lot of vegetarians and I never heard of anyone getting sick when they quit eating meat. I did hear people feeling sick when they went the other way, veggie to meat eater though.

Morningstar Farms, Boca, etc. make fake meats. While they are ok as an occasional treat they are highly processed foods. The healthiest vegetarian diet is based on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits rather than highly processed food products.

Answer #5

Just normal recipes without the meat. Ditch the soy; it’s the carnivores that get way too much protein not the vegetarians who get too little. Just get a little carbs & nuts/beans to get your 40-60g and you’re fine. You can also look up No Cook Book by Tobe on for some really good raw recipes. Though some could be heated too. Some recipes have some fish, eggs or dairy, but most don’t.

Answer #6 has a recipies area. Whenever I want to make a new dish I usually can find a number of vegan recipies if I google it, not sure why you aren’t finding vegan recipies. I got a cookbook called Vegan with a Vengeance that is pretty cool. The woman who wrote it also has some videos on the web that show you how to make some great recipies. Some of her recipies are fancy ones you would use for entertaining but I found her soups to be quite nice for every day fare.

I like to make red beans and rice. I make home made spaghetti sauce to eat with whole wheat pasta.

Are you going vegan or lacto-ovo? I’m not 100% vegan (not yet anyway). I avoid eggs and dairy but since I’m not strict I still consider myself lacto-ovo.

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