vch piercing?

I want a vch piercing really badly, but I can’t go to a professional to get it done so I want to do it myself. Before anyone says it, risks blah blah blah, infection blah blah blah, I know the risks, but risk comes whether or not its professional. I’m a careful person, but I just want to know if anyone out there has one and if they did it themself, how exactly they did it. Thanks much.

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I appreciate the concern, but it doesn’t matter now, because I did the piercing anyway and it looks great! It Didn’t cost any money and looks as good as if it was done by a professional. I’m very pleased with it.

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I have mine done and its not even that bad at infections or anything.its a quick pinch,it comes as a shock for about 5 seconds then its over but you should see a professional about that to assure it is done properly.but other than that its a great thing to have,you wont regret it I promise.

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hahaahaha I just googled that. because I had no idea what a VHC was. wow…

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Good for you - that was still really really dumb to do.

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I Want To Do My vhc But Ahh Im Kinda Scared Though=/ I’ve Looked Up Most Of Everything That Could Go Wrong Cuuz I Don’t Want Anything To Go Wrong ! I’ve Been Wanting It For A While …But Lots Of People Do It Theresleves & Say’s It Came Out Great & Allright So Forth …But Im Not Completley Sure??? I Mean I Have Everything To Do It Clean The Needle, The Piercing, I’ve Done That Q-Tip Test Thing, But Still I Don’t Want To Mess It Up =/ .. I Know The Skin Is So Thin That’s Why I wanted To Do It Myself Instead Of Waisting Money…But Still Having Doubts! Someone Help Me Out!?!?

Answer #6

Well, as a fellow self-piercer, I think that if you would like to do it, go for it. I’ve been thinking of doing it as well but like me, you should look up stuff about it to be sure you pierce the correct way. May I suggest purchasing a book call “The Piercing Bible” by Elayne Angel. it has everything you need to know about every piercing and it shows pics of different placement and jewelry choices. it is very helpful in making decisions such as these. I would suggest buying antimicrobial soap. I was given a bottle after getting my belly pierced and it will greatly prevent infection in piercings. I have pierced ears in multiple spots(including tragus), nipples and septum. This soap along with some knowledge about each piercing has prevented any problems from occurring. Be safe, hope all goes well. :)

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I did mine myself and it came out beautifully. no lie

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as a 53 yr old grandmother who just got her vch this weekend, I also say leave the piercing to the professionals. I believe ensuring sanitary and sterile conditions is of the utmost importance. an infection “DOWN THERE” has to be horrendus and devestating.

Answer #9

Alright first off just make sure you have sterilized piercing needles, hollowed needles that are gauges. You can order these offline. I do all my piercings myself, at home and as long as you thoroughly sterilize your rings and needles you’ll be fine, I’ve done my nipples, belly button, nose and lip and everyone says they look professionally done, not to mention they all healed up fine. basically be careful, and if you want to really do it right just go to a website where you can buy tattoo or piercing equipment and buy yourself some.

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That is the WORST possible piercing to do at home by yourself. You have to realize that the piercing is directly on top of your clitorus. If in any way the needle touches or goes through your actual clit and not the skin, it’s going to be intense pain and you will loose some nerve endings in your clit, and it’s possible to lose sensation if you accidently poke it with the needle.

There is WAY more risk with this piercing, especially since you can cause yourself to never have an orgasm again if you pierce the clit itself and not just the skin.

You have to see a professional for that type of piercing, I’m sorry.

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you did it yourself stupid, but you got your way…and thats really what all this is about you dont know the risks, and you probably never will all you wanted was for soemone with “experience” to say “yah I have one it looks so cool, you can just do it yourself by the way, its not that hard, just put a hole there and youll be fine its not like its dangerosue or anything’ you wanted someone stupid to tell you how there are no risks when there are if your not willing to learn about what could go wrong and how dangerouse it can be then its not worth getting it done in the first place

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Those are the kind of answers I specifically said to leave out. You can’t change my mind so why tell me that crap? And you’re wrong by the way. Some of you have no idea what you’re talking about, and only assuming. The vch is an abbreviation for vertical clitoral hood. It is the piercing of the skin right above the clit. And if anyone has answers like the 2 above, please refrain from giving them to me. I am only interested in the answers of those who have the piercing, and what the procedure was like, and the after care needed. Thank you.

Answer #13

Fine - then pierce it yourself and never be able to have an orgasm again - what do we care.

You need to study biology a little more, I know all about the piercing you want to do, I worked in a tattoo/piercing parlor for over 2 years thank you ma’am. Yes, it’s the skin above the clit, BUT your clit is still underneath it and there is still a GREAT chance that you will puncture it with the needle and loose all senstation in that area.

I’m not going to argue with you - I just thought a woman would have more sense than to risk never being able to have an orgasm again.

Also, to answer your question - I have this piercing. You need to get it done professionaly, not every woman can get the piercing because some women are too sensitive and some women dont have enough skin in that area. You HAVE to see a professional. Don’t be stupid.

Answer #14

im assuming then that vch means your clit? you really should specify that next time as for the risks, no…you dont know them the clitoral hood is a very small place to peirce sometimes even profesionals get it wrong if you miss, which is very likely youll end up stabbing your clit or peircing it this will result in PERMANENT loss of feeling there permanent means forever do you really want to risk loosing all feeling in one of the only places that feels good? peircing your ear by yourself is stupid alreday but wanting to peirce something like your clitoris…is extreemly stupid and dumb also, you may not even be able to get it peirced profesionally not everyone has a large enough area of skin over there clit to peirce so they turn those people down, otherwise they risk peircing there actual clit you really have no idea what your doing if you want a proper peircing wait untill your legally 18, and get it profesionally done no profesional will peirce anyones gentiles unless there 18 save up 60 bucks and get it profesionally done its not hard, and youll thank yourself you did I normally dont tell people how stupid there being when they want to peirce something themselves but yout clitoris is not a toy however if you want to risk loss of of feeling, feel free its your life

Answer #15

#1 rule of self piercing: BE INFORMED. Cause if it all goes wrong there is no one but yourself to blame, and no one but you is going to get hurt by it.

If you are not confident, informed, and willing to take on the associated risks, just go pay someone who is.

And don’t just use a “clean needle” - you can get a catheter needle in any gauge you need from your local Needle Exchange, for like $2 ea - completely sterile. And immensely sharper than anything you’re likely to have lying around your house, which means a smoother faster piercing too.

To do a VCH (Which is NOT a clitoris piercing - BE INFORMED), you need a RECEIVING TUBE, or else you really will stab yourself somewhere you never want to be stabbed.

this link shows correct placement of the piercing for a VCH.

If you go ahead with a DIY VCH, good luck and use your head.

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Answer #16

It is a quick pinch when you get it done, but that is it! You gotta clean it at least twice a day for awhile. You need to treat it as an open wound, b/c in reality it really is. I think a professional would be the best because it is hard I would imagine to do it yourself and be able to see and pierce it right and all of that, but good luck just make sure to use sterilized needles and keep it clean!

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