Vans or dc's?

are Vans or DC's bettah?
my opinion Vans are bettah
what do yu think?

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well I used to like globes, now adio
vans dont have enough grip on the bottomn, and there too flat
dcs are just regular skate shoes but I dont really like them
adios are more comfortable to skate in

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Air Jordans :)

Vans or dcs

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I have DC's and I have nikes. the nikes are sooo comfortable and sooo cool I love them and get compliments all the time, you should try their high tops. but if youre going for a skate shoe because of the look, see what ones you like better the vans or DC's. which I guess you should get the vans cause thats what you like, but from what I hear and from my experience, DC's are more comfortable than vans.

Style over comfort? or comfort over style? your choice!
Good Luck!

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I like Vans better because they are more comfortable, but I mainly go by comfort and style; not brand.

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Vans and chuck taylors

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none, none skaters over used both, and now there just for posers,

Fans of the DC brand

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I don't care. I just where what I can afford and whats comfortable. I don't really care about fancy stuff. They are going to get dirty anyway! They are shoes.

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