Does anyone know of any good romantic vampire books?

Does anyone know of any good romantic vampire books? The only one I’ve read was a serious by L.J. Smith called the Vampire diaries. More romance than evil vampire, though. So can anyone suggest a good book for me?

Answer #1

TWILIGHT!!! then NEW MOON then ECLIPSE!!! then BREAKING DAWN!!! ps movie is comin out november 21st in america and canada

Answer #2

Vlad Dragul does.

Answer #3

A good book is Twilight.It is about a girl who falls in love with a vampier.Her website is

Answer #4


Answer #5

Christopher Pike has a Vampire series, look him up

Answer #6

TWILIGHT!!! That is the best series ever!!! Oh yeah, and Midnight Sun. YEs, I have read it because I am good friends with Stephenie Meyer. Edward Cullen is real, and he is her cousin, and he is my boyfriend!!

Answer #7

Even though I haven’t read it, Twilight.

Answer #8

You should definently try the Twilight Saga, all four books are just awesome. (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn.) To all other Twilight fans, if you’ve kept on your research you’ll know that Miss. Meyers has currently canceled the Midnight Sun book. Thats because someone illegally put the drafts on the internet…read her website for more info. The movie will be released on November 21rst, 2008. Another good series is The House Of Night Novels. (Marked,Betrayed, Chosen and Untamed.) The fifth comes out March 2009 and is titled “Hunted”.

Answer #9

thankyou editor & 22980, I will probbly buy those books this weekend. & I will definately check out that website sika!

Answer #10

Read Anne Rice’ Diary of a Vampire, and The Vampire LeStat

Answer #11

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Answer #12

TWILIGHT SEIRES I loved that book and there are 3 more “New Moon,” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” all by Stephenie Meyer.

(extra detail) plus there be a movie coming out for it very soon,this year

Answer #13

TWILIGHT SAGA!!! Definetely!! There’s four of them altogether…Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. They are sooo good! The best books I have ever read. And there’s going to be another book, but it’s from Edward’s point of view, same story as Twilight, except it’s called Midnight Sun. And then the movie of it is coming out pretty soon!

Answer #14

The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

(3 books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, in that order).

Very good and entertaining series.

Answer #15

You are young and don’t know the dangers that exist in books like that. Satan has his claws in all kinds of things and that is one of them.

Couldn’t you just as easy read some true stories? I just worry so much for our youth and especially in this day and age that we are in now.

Answer #16

I don’tthink Twilight is the best boom out there every book has like just 3 good chapters, though the 3 book is in many ways much more intense and much better than the other 3 the 4rt book is just lame like some thing out of FANFICTION.NET

Answer #17

Try Twilight by Stephenie Meyer it has a series consist of 4 books and I think there is a 5th book coming out.

Answer #18

I love romance. and vampires just appeal to me. & I dont believe any kind of book reading is wasting my mind on junk. Thankyou very much.

Answer #19

P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast house of night series

Answer #20

Twilight trust me girl. And OMG I can’t wait till december 12. check out this website

Answer #21

Here’s a whole site dedicated to Vampiric Romance Novels:

xox Sika

Answer #22

My goodness girl! Why would you want to waste your mind of junk like that?

Answer #23

Well sorry sweetie for that to be true I’d have to believe in satan. Im sorry for you and very concerned for your belief system.

Answer #24

twilight is the best! you have to read that book! the other ones are new moon,eclipse,and soon to be breaking dawn on 8-2-08!!! there is also the twilight movie december 12!!!

Answer #25

here are the some list of Vampire books

  • Spirit Bound
  • Bite Club
  • Last Sacrifice
  • Blood Promise
  • Shadow Kiss
  • Vampire Academy the above books written by Richelle Mead
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