Does anyone believe in vampire?

I’d like to see some opinions :P I have to believe in them because its a disease and second, I have met a real one near me. I was skeptical at first till I saw one on my eyes. I’m proud :P

Answer #1

Uhm. there’s a disease that causes people to never die?

Answer #2

No. I don’t. What is this “disease?”

Answer #3

They do die actually, it’s not how Hollywood or novels have revealed. They have some definicy yet with some strenghths like every humans. Some don’t get energy from blood but from energy of huamns by communicating.

Answer #4

Yes! I love vampires and most off the time, I wish I could be one…How about you? And what is this disease you speak of?

Answer #5

There actually is a real disease (I forget what it’s called) that makes a person very sensitive to the sun, have a partiality to blood, and grow pale. That is probably the origin of the vampire.

The origin of the werewolf came from a medieval psychotic serial killer/child rapist whom acted like a wolf. I am 100 percent serious on that too. There is a whole documentary on it. It’s pretty hardcore.

Answer #6

its honestly called “vampire disease”

Answer #7

I’m not asking to believe in them either…I am just telling my opinions since I was a skeptic at first,

But to your question, they have a lot.

If you believe that vampires are people who are basically normal with the exception of one or two abnomalities such as hypersensitivity to light, heightened psychic abilities, and the physical need to consume blood, then you are right.

If you believe that vampires are people that sparkles or how hollywood have revealed or in books, then they are not real vampire.

Just my opinion.

Answer #8

Oh yeah me too…I like them and I have one friend who is a real vampire except he gets energy from other things.

Please read the answer above…..for ur own question.

Answer #9

I believe they don’t sparkle in the sun?

Answer #10

I know… I thought there was a scientific name for it though. Oh well, “vampire disease” works for me.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Ah, I see. you have a different definition of vampire. Yes, I have heard of some diseases or disorders I think that cause people to display more “vampyric” qualities. But I would just refer to it as that disease or disorder, not as a vampire.

Answer #13

yes:D they are called cannibals:D LOL

Answer #14

Well if that’s how you like, sure :) I had a friend who thought and imagined like Edward and some shows but obvisouly, it’s not how is that. I love the real vampire or the disease/disorder but nothing is true for the books like “Buffy, the Vampire” I believe its the name.

Answer #15

You have watched a lot of Twilight :P And they don’t.

Answer #16

TOO much! I saw one movie! D:

Answer #17

Oh, now I see :) I never knew there was a “vampire disease”! That’s kinda cool!!

Answer #18

Oh, now I see :) I never knew there was a “vampire disease”! That’s kinda cool!!

Answer #19

Hahaha what about the vampire and the diaries thing…. I like vampires :) Its all :P

Answer #20

Yeah I was skeptic at first and didn’t know till I made some research and then somehow, I met one too. Its so coincidence!

Answer #21

It’s called Porphyria.

Answer #22

Not hollywood’s over-dramtized depiction of vampires. The only thing I find apealing about vampires 2 is that they don’t age and their immortality oh and I bet they give a H3LL OF A HICKEY!!!

Answer #23

Well they can be romantic and seductive but still not a real vampire hun :P And everybody age, it’s a lie if they don’t. :P

Answer #24

I gave you a comment in ur profile Check it :)

Answer #25

not any “superpower” or “shape shifting” vampire. but there are people that just enjoy drinking blood, a while back there was a special on a small group of people that got together in small clubs and just cut each other willingly to let others drink, it was a pretty creepy scene. it was also very sexually oriented.

but if you mean anything like twilight, (in my personal opinion i refuse to accept those misconceptions of mythology as true mythology, meaning, i refuse to call them “vampires” because they have nearly nothing to do with the traditional vampire; but thats just me), then no, theres no way for a body to keep working without any form of energy, and you may say the blood theyd drink, but if the heart isnt pumping there isnt any nutrients moving across the body, the digestive system, or any system for that matter wouldnt work, so essentially a “vampire” is just a bag of blood.

Answer #26

i just dont…

Answer #27

even if i see a vamire i will be like i just dont believe in you so go away…

Answer #28

This “vampire disease” is called Porphyria, and the symptoms include sensitivity to sunlight (causes blisters, itching, and swelling), abdominal and chest pain, numbness and sometimes paralysis, mental disorders and mood changes.

Answer #29

People call it Dracula Disease because it causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight; their skin accumulates porphyrins which become toxic in ultraviolet light, meaning burns and blisters, and in worse cases, missing ears, lips, and noses. Next to that, their gums shrink and pull back, making their teeth look even bigger. Centuries ago, a “cure” for porphyria was drinking animal blood. Google. Yeah, it’s a blood disorder, but if you have “or something” in your response, you might want to do a little more research.

Answer #30

there are vampires but not tv ones they are just normal pple like like to drink their doners blood and we call them vampires theres even a little comunity for pple like that but they are not vamps that bite u and force u to let them drink u

Answer #31

I think that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to become a vampire but I think over time, myths and legends have mutated from a scary story into a new species. I believe the only way to live forever is to live on from a past life. Vampires really aren’t much different to humans; there are some humans who choose to drink other humans blood. Psychic abilites such as mind reading or telekanisis can be aquired by anyone who bothers to focus enough. But there are many takes on vampires and the true powers a ‘vampire’ might possess if they existed might be quite different to what we know. To be honest, a disease is something someone wants to avoid. That’s why it’s called a disease. I knwo for sure that witches exist, because of Wicca and witchcraft being a religious thing, but I really don’t know about vampires. Plus I have no idea why someone would want to live forever.

Answer #32

For my own opinion, I believe that Twilight and any of Stephanie Mayers series are bunch of fake coz its a story…obvisouly when someone make a story, they have to imagine something that may not exist in this world that we live in.

So if yur saying its a bag of blood, how can one vampire not drink blood but still gets the energy?

But vampire are cute :P <3

Answer #33

Yeah humans tend to destroyed their own power that God have gave them with technologies!

I know a lot about vampire coz I tend to search and study in my free time. Lame eh but no :P

How do you know if witches exists? They dont fly or something :P

Answer #34

Nah, sterotyical veiw. They don’t fly, they aren’t old women, they don’t worship Satan and they don’t cast spells on people. I’m Wiccan which means I follow a Pagan religion, all followers of Pagan religions are either Wiccas, witches ect. It’s a religious choice, not a supernatural thing. Casting spells is a way of prayer, not to get revenge on your enemies :P Still don’t know about vampires though. xD

Answer #35

Hmm well I like it if you tell me about the witches and wiccas. I like to know all about it and I was talking about supernatural that human have tend to leave it…not about witches :P

Answer #36

I don’t understand, Wiccas are witches but not all witches are Wiccan. They both fall into the Pagan religions [Pagan religions are ones that do not acknowledge God or Christ but other Gods and Goddesses]. Witches can follow Gods if they want to but most just practice witchcraft, the art of spell casting. Wiccas are witches that worship the Goddess, the female alternate of God. Wiccas believe in kharma, what goes around comes around theory.

I really don’t understand what you were trying to say but witches on a broomsticks and so on, don’t exist. A person that practices witchcraft is a witch but they are just human, as Wiccas are human. Really nothing supernatural about it, just a religious choice.

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