What to do for Valentine Day, should you go big or keep it simple?

I was thinking about, a single red rose with a card made of wood, burn the poem in the wood, I wrote below and a nice dinner.

Journey, to my love Danielle

As we journey through this life, you imbed in my mind. Your gentle touch your warm embrace, creates security, a pleasant place. In my heart where you live, bringing meaning, a sense of being. I can’t image a world without, the joy you bring, I’d be without. So this Valentine, my heart is true, all I can bring, is my love to you.

Answer #1

I say simple, and I love the poem and ur idea :-)

Answer #2

Well TY, I know that this is from the heart, and not hallmark.

Answer #3

Ur very welcome, and u can’t get more personal than ur own heart

Answer #4

I love your idea, its very heartfelt and beautiful and means so much more cause you are doing the wood card yourself!

Myself, I don’t celebrate Valentines day as I feel its nothing but a commercial holiday and I prefer to get flowers/candy/I love you’s spontaneously, not because its the “Day to do so”

Answer #5

It depends on what your partner likes. I however love ur idea and the poem. Very romantic.

Answer #6

Ahhh…that sounds sweet. I’m sure the poem will make your GF just melt. Looks like you’re well on the way to having a great Valentine’s. : )

Answer #7

TY, last year I did a painting together me and heart, and I painted a little wooden door for her with a poem I called, “Doorway to my Heart.

Answer #8

Well I hope my GF / Wife of 14 years loves it.

Answer #9

TY, well it has been 14 years me and her, and I still have no ideal what I am doing.

Answer #10

Wow, Chris, you amaze me with your poetry… I think it is a wonderful idea. to be creative…speak from the heart & not have someone elses words describe what you feel for the woman you love.

My motto is…Keep it simple, romantic, real always, not just one day a year..

When I was married to my ex husband…I used to do something special…have red & white rose petals from the entrance of the apt leading to the bedroom & all over the bedroom. I also had candles lite around the apt and made a special dinner using a special set a bought for val day (white with a red rose on them.) :P Soft music in the background, our wedding song in the play list to dance to..some good times…(now that I think about it, years later, he didnt deserve it.)

Doesnt have to cost an arm & a leg…just has to come from the heart…

Answer #11

Well we try to get out for date night twice a month, we have a map and pick a random spot and then try to find something close to that location to do. I am a descent dancer, not to familiar with salsa dancing, so we plan to start taking classes here soon, when the salsa clubs will be added to our list.

On the last poem I posted, it was more just written out of fun. I was at work and the guys where talking about a straight jacket, I then made the comment hugme jacket, I got some laughs, and then made a poem out of the conversation.

Answer #12

Your idea sounds really nice.

Answer #13

That is a very lovely poem

Answer #14

Bring her to the place that you guys met up the first time =)

Answer #15

Well that is only on the other side of the US, and requires a security clearance to get in, I don’t think that will happen, but thank you.

Answer #16

I see, your a hell of a guy…every woman’s dream of a partner! You are a hard worker, which means a hell of a provider for your family, you are willing to try new things, you are in touch with a soft spot in you for even romance as far as poetry…to top all of that off also a sweet sense of humor…what more can a woman ask for?! Do you cook & clean as well?! ;P (jk)

Chris, ur awesome…ur wife is one lucky woman! :)

Answer #17

LOL… Well I do have my faults, I like to watch SyFy, I can forget things at times, I have had my fair share of mistakes, but she has keep me for 14 years now. I must be doing something right.

Answer #18

To tell you the truth, sometimes just keeping it simple is the most romantic things. Sometimes just giving your lover a rose, and watching a movie together with popcorn together can mean the most, then taking her out to this fancy place and giving her one thousand roses. Just make it come from the heart and it will mean the world. Simple and cute(:

Answer #19

Si-fi is awesome, that is one thing my ex & I had in common as well! Forgetting things is a sign of age..(jk).besides it means that you have other things on your mind. That isnt a bad thing. Like I said, ur human, we all make mistakes…14 years is a long time… and yes you seem to be doing all the right things…if i ever have one wish for you both, is to continue forever to be patient, loving & understand one another…for in the end, betrayal/mistrust & adultery are the only things that can really destroy a marriage… (I should know, it did mine!) So, keep it real, remember that the words I love you should not be taken for granted…yet with that said…to never forget to use them every chance you get. (sorry for all that mushy talk, v-day brings it out of me) :)

Answer #20

me i would all ways try to out beat last year

Answer #21

Well I am doing good so far I have to get home from work and finish it, but V-day is going ok.

Answer #22

TY, it had some words that I have corrected before she read it this morning.

Answer #23

I wud try to beat the yr before but with the economy the way it is, well it makes it kinda hard

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