Do vaginas smell bad after alcohol?

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i know excessive alcohol among other things can cause Vaginitis because when you drink a lot of alcohol you sweat more and the more you sweat the more your vagina sweats and thats where the smell comes from. diets that are too high in sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, all cause more sweating than usual and cause vaginal sweating which if not taken care of can lead to infection
some other foods can make it smell weird if you eat it in excessive, asparagus, onions, garlic, spicy food etc..
but if it continues to smell bad i would talk to your doctor to make sure its not an infection. every women smells different but some things will make it smell funny if u do start to have odd discharge or fishey smell thats not normal and to see a doctor

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Basically, what goes in comes out- if you drink a lot of wine, for example, your sweat and secretions will reflect that intake.

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You mean after a woman drinks? No, it wouldn't smell any different than normal.

In fact, if your partner is also drinking, their sense of smell won't be as functional as when they are sober, so if you both drink and then go down, well, it may be more enjoyable for him if you're normally funky.

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I'm sure it would depend on what and how much you had to drink.

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