Why does my vagina burn while im being fingered?

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has it been your only sexual experience? If so that may be the cause, or if your partner or youself wears lotion on the hands. Wash, or ask the other person to wash their hands beforehand. Also it could be a vaginal infection or yeast infection, so if the burning persists don't be afraid to see your doctor.

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no it wasnt my first time but it was the only time it hurt after. and does this mean like from now on when i get fingered or have sex its going to burn?

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At first, it seems like this could be the vagina's way of telling you something is wrong. There could be some sort of reaction taking place between the interior of your vagina, and your partner's hand/genitals. If I may ask, does your partner use a latex condom when having intercourse (either via fingers or genitals)?
Furthermore, if the problem continues to persist after watching, try to take note of when it hurts and what it feels like, and consult a doctor. This is the only way to determine if you have some sort of infection, or perhaps maybe it is only a temporary set back.
Good Luck, Play Safe!

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Becca, If the problem continues and becomes irritable, I would recommend you talk to a doctor. While all of us here on FunAdvice try to do the best we can, (correct me if I'm wrong), but we are not doctors! Take a look at the post I added... It may help. Remember, your doctor is the best bet if the problem continues.
Good Luck, Play Safe!

Why does it burn when I'm getting fingered?
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They may have dirty fingers and given you an infection.

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They may have dirty fingers and given you an infection.

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you've probably caught an infection, maybe because of dirty fingers. Always wash first.

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Are you sure he's not fingering your g-spot a little too roughly though? Sometimes it's more of a pleasurable thing to rub around the walls of your main pleasure spot, and then slowly move to it. Making circles in changing directions can really do wonders, starting from a slow yet increasing speed. Maybe try taking this sex thing more slowly, bud.

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