Usage of funadvice

Will you still use funadvice if someday this site becomes as popular as myspace or facebook?

Answer #1

Of course…why would popularity be a bad thing?

Answer #2

Yes. Its a really good site except for the people who complain other then ask questions or give good and nice advice.

Answer #3

Honestly, I dont know. I like how it is right now were its just a little family. We all know each other. If more people were to come it would feel crowded & out of place.

Answer #4

We all know each other.

:) Nope…1/2 the active members you don’t know (I don’t know, and I’m here morning, noon, and night)…

the problem we’re having today is perception. The site is big, we’re the second fastest growing social network in the US (per comScore, last month)…however, people assume that with our member counts as low as they are, we’re not as big, or as popular, as other sites :)

We reach (today) 1.5% of all active internet users in the United States monthly…that’s pretty good. Facebook reaches 75%…one could argue without the lawsuits & ~700 million in funding…well, where they would be today but the fact is, they are “there”.

Our goal has been the same for the last ~3 years, since we came up with the current plan: provide a fun way to get personal, relevant advice and explore your interests…it’s a bit more broad than Q&A.

In theory, over the next 12 months, our experience becomes more relevant to your interests than any other online…however, I have a habit of aiming for the stars & being OK with hitting the moon…well, as least until we come up with a new plan :)

So if that sounds at all interesting…the site should be even more relevant for you in a year. If not…sorry :( But, I think if you like the site, today, you’ll like it even more in the future, if we can achieve our goals for the software.

Answer #5

Your doing a great job Thedude. We all appreciate it. I feel this site deserves a place right up there along with facebook. …and In time Funadvice could be.

Answer #6

Whoops sorry. Im not quite comparing it to facebook. Im worried if the site becomes popular we might become something like y@hoo answers - look where they went

Answer #7

There’s a difference between FunAdvice and Y/A…that is, the folks who work here actually give a damn about the users.

That alone counts for a heck of a lot…I’m a Y/A refugee, and I’ve not been back since I found FA.

Answer #8

“the folks who work here actually give a damn about the users.”

Sorry, but I think the reason why the people who work at YA dont give a damn…they’re too damn BIG and corporatized. Im worried that if FA grows too much they might become that too

Answer #9

That will never happen with FA…as a matter of fact, that’s precisely what the staff here is trying to avoid happening.

Answer #10

Too corporate = a few interesting things…how often does Mark of FB help people? Or Tom, on MySpace?

Or the current Yahoo CEO…? Or the previous one?

If you’re familiar with craigslist…the founder (Craig) still reads most of the email they get, and replies to a fair bit of it…I idolize him, in a few ways, for a few reasons. He’s built a true “community service” AND it makes him money. He’s wealthy, but down to Earth…shoot, I’d love to buy him a soda & pick his brain on a whole list of things.

Given how much money Craigslist could make if they went public, sold out the site as much as possible…well, it’s admirable that they’ve chosen the path they are on.

The nice thing is, here…well, I don’t have a boss. Ericson & my wife…the three of us agree on 99.9% of the things we do with FA…and, we argue (a lot more than people probably guess, lol). However, we all mean well, we all have a very unique perspective on things…

…and, the dozens of advisors we have help me by putting foot you know where sometimes, as I tend to go overboard, probably on a monthly basis ;)

Answer #11

If it ever got to the point where things lost the personal touch, probably not… But I dont see that happening anytime soon…

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