How good is urban decay cosmetics?

how is urban decay cosmetic brand?
is it really good?
Any reviews?

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I'd say it average. The eyeliner 24/7 one is really good. I wear contact lenses and struggle with my eyeliner smudging. This is really good for me. They do it a whole range of colours. You should try it, Oh and so far nothing I ,ve purchased offf them has itched me. It was probably just a illergic reaction from the girl above.

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I rele like the products, spesh the eyeshadows, its kinda xpensive but not at all like dior, which I fink isnt worth the money complete bulls**t lol


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I think they are ok...some stuff makes my face itch but its not bad and they work really good I would give them 3/5 stars but they are really expensive over here!

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I haven't had that much experience with it but it's definitley not bad. however I do think they charge more than they should. I'm sure you can find cheaper brands that work just as well. But I think the only thing that separates it from other nicer brands is the variety of colour etc. I like Bourjois if you're going to spend that much money. It basically just depends what you're looking for. I also like Rimmel since it's a lot cheaper and still good quality. Bare essentials for foundation blush and bronzer.

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