Why does the upper part of my left breast hurt when i touch it?

hi. i'm 18 and i have a problem with my left upper breast.whenever i touch the left upper part ofmy breast, it hurts.this pain has last for quite sometimes....what should i do?is it a natural sign of the breast development or it's a disease?i'm so scared now....

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here are a few possible causes to your breast pain. Hope this helps.
You could have pulled a muscle or ligament in the chest wall. But, if this was your case, your pains wouldn’t last very long
Pain coming from elsewhere can be associated with an underlying problem such as swelling (inflammation) of the chest wall. This is called costochondritis or Tietz's Syndrome.
Of, you must knw that also a breast cancer called fibroadenoma could be the cause.
It could be localized deep in breast tissue so you wont be able to palpate it.
I suggest contacting a doctor.
Your doc should examine your breast and take a detailed history of the type of pain you have and how often it occurs.

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thx fro your explaination anyway :)
and one more thing , my left breast is smaller than the right one , so is this a sign of breast cancer?but i'm just 18?!!

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tbh i dint think it is a sign EVERY woman has onebreast larger that is nothing abnormail so it shouldnt be significant, unfortunatly i am not a doctor and cant feel your breasts>< so i dont know

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Why does my left breast hurt when I touch it?

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I think it's natural, all growing breasts are tender. If you feel a lump on that part of the breast when you touch it, then I would see a doctor.

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