Why are there more updates than questions all the time...?

I personally don’t like the status updates, everything ends up there, and even you answer a question with a really good answer, you don’t get rewarded. I am not point crazy or anything, it’s just I wish that anything that was a question was in questions, and status updates were in status updates, instead of questions. If the question has already been asked, instead of going to updates, it should be deleted. Also, if it isn’t in the proper format, it should get “fixed” instead of going to updates. I am not complaining, I love FunAdvice. I was just thinking about it, and maybe others feel the same way. Kind of a suggestion, I don’t know if this is being worked on or anything like that.

Answer #1

That was how we used to do it, or we simply redirected them and well, it didn’t work which is why status updates came in. Made the job of going question to question to change them a whole lot easier. This is what they really had in mind with status updates.

Most of the questions used to be L&R questions that have been asked thousands of times and have all been answered. Some of them are original which is why advisors get to choose if they’re worthy to be a question or not!

Answer #2

Oh ok, I can understand how it makes it easier on the admins.

Answer #3

Yeah, it’s no fun going question to question just to delete when you can simply have the system move it on it’s own! :)

Answer #4

Before the new launch, we used to remove all questions that were duplicates, only to be harassed by the users that posted them because the site search didn’t answer their question. So, now we move all commonly asked questions to the status board, which is essentially, FA’s junk pile. Furthermore, where formatting is concerned.. ^

  1. I don’t have enough time in the day to reformat every wrongly asked question on the board. ^
  2. The reason we started having a specific format in the first place is because the board was filled with questions titled “Help” and “Read this!” (which, again - a lot of time for admins and advisors to fix). ^
  3. We can’t have 30 of the same question on the board - it fills up the question board with repetitive posts and pushes other relevant questions to the back pages.
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Answer #6

Well, why did FunAdvice make it to where you can’t receive points for questions you answer, when they just used the wrong format, it’s still something someone can give a good answer to? I understand people not getting points for answering those updates that say “Just got home, lalala….” everytime someone likes what they said to that….

Answer #7

There’s the problem….because it’s in status, it’s not right to give someone points just for answering one of those updates, but how do you weed them out? The computer would somehow have to decipher between what’s just a status update to what’s a question on the status board, and unfortunately, computers are not that analytical.

Answer #8

hmm, here is an idea…i have seen so many people asking the same post just in a different way over & over again..and then some people answer them. If the question has been answered maybe the programmers can add some buttons like ignore post(or people lol) lock post & remove post… Another suggestion maybe have some more advisers…people that are on here a lot who know the rules & are willing to help out with locking duplicate posts and such. Another thing, people are re posting on posts that were answered weeks ago…then someone pops the issue back up that were already answered weeks ago & are not even being discussed! Perhaps there should be a new policy…if the issue was closed after up to 2 weeks…lock the post where you can read what was said but not be able to access the posts. Meaning it will be locked to answer so no one can use it to gain points that are new to the sight, rather then have it disappear to status and then have people re posting why their post was removed. just a few stuff you can consider as well! :)

Answer #9

We used to lock questions, but again - people complained. It seems we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t, if you get my meaning :/

Answer #10

absolutely…i had a site once with my ex…based on php forums…(if you know what those are or have seen it…so much easier to work with because its all based on ready made commands…easier on the programmer!) Believe me when I say I know the drill…the heading or the site banner couldnt ever satisfy anyone…colors of the site couldn’t satisfy anyone how the buttons were displayed wouldn’t satisfy anyone…always something…so we had to constantly ask people what they wanted & made the changes as we went along like on the side margines would be questions like what banner do you like…or what color should we change the site…and according to the answers was how we kept it exciting for all as well…never boring…adding or deleting according to subjects…then having a private messages bar where you could also add links/pics & quotes & stuff…was really cute! You will never satisfy 100% of the users…no need to even waste your time nor energy on that…we wanted to try to at least satisfy 50% of the people…there is no other way! :)

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