How old should a child be to watch a sibling after school?

How old should a child be to stay with a sibling after school for about an hour before a parent got home??? I am having problems with this!!

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I spoke with memphis police and shelby county. While their isnt a legal age set on paper. If a 10-12 yr old and a 6 yr old are caught home alone, or a 12-13 yr old and a 6 yr old are caught home alone- they go to juvy hall and the parents pay restitution and a fine after they are counseled with child protective services - before they get their kids back.

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I'm a little confused on this. I live in Texas and dvn2d said that the age for babysitting is 12. But the American Red Cross offers a Babysitter's Training Class in our area for children 11 and over. So if they aren't allowed to watch other kids until 12, why is the class offered? Our kids are in daycare right now, but we are planning to let our 11 and 10 year olds stay home this summer. But not until the 11 year old is certified by the ARC in May. She is a very mature 11 year old and we feel confident that she can be trusted, we just want her to have the proper emergency and first-aid training.

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the legal age is 11 they can also take a home alone course its like a babysitters course for younger kids that age they can be left home alone and babysit their siblings I guess its all on your trust if 11 is old enough if get the books from the comunity centers u can find out about this course it is a pretty good course

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Depends on the age of the child, however,... the legal age for the supervising sibling is 14. Only if you know you can trust that older sibling. If you get caught any younger than that - BAD consequences and reprocussions!

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I would say about at the age of 11. i would suggest to give them entertaining things to do while you are gone. that way they stay out of trouble
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i'm sure in the uk its 14, i remember i started as a baby sitter at that age, but check with social services or if you're from the usa, the equivalant.

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well i am from LOUISIANA. I'm 15 years old and me and my twin brother started stayin at home by ourselves at they age of 9.we wasnt scared but we got into alot of trouble bein by ourselves.

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if there is an age law, there shouldn't be. Sometimes a 10 year old could do it, other times a 15 year old couldn't. I think it all depends on the maturity level. That's common sense for you to judge.

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The legal age varies. In my state, there is actually no law about what age determines if a child stays alone and/or babysits a younger sibling. Check the laws in your area. After checking what the law states, that may help you with your problem.

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Yeah, it all depends and the situation. Like I have no problem leaving my 5 year old with my 14 yr old, but if my 12 year old is also there, forget it! He's the one that'll fight with both of them, lol... 1 hour isn't that long at all -- I'd say if the older child is at least 14 and a responsible kid, then it'd be OK. But it sounds like your mothers intuition is telling you otherwise, so maybe you'd better listen to it- better safe than sorry!

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Here is what I found out for your state:

What is the legal age for kids to stay home alone?
There is no legal age for children to stay at home alone. Parents are advised to use their best judgment, keeping the child's maturity level and safety issues in mind. Younger children have a greater need for supervision and care than older children. Obviously, young children under age 10 should not be left without supervision at any time. In most cases, older teenage children may be left alone for short periods of time.

This is the website I got the information from.

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whell in california the age for a young person to stay home alone is 12 but when taking care of another its 15 i think ...thats what i was told

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the age does not mater at all what matters is if your child is mature and responible and you trust them!

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theres different laws in different states

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well i am now 13 and take from me dont let them watch a kid before their 11

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where i live in ireland there are no laws, but i was aloud watch my 8 year old sis when I was 12.

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in the state of Texas its at the age of 12 that a child is able to watch younger children for up to 2 hours. Although parents should use their best judgements when it comes to the maturity and certain responsibilities of that 12 year old has when it comes to trusting that 12 year old with younger children.

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