What are some of the best universities and medical schools?

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What country do you mean, or do you mean around the world?

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in california.

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sos i wouldn't know then- your probs best googling it.

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Jessie, this is from a site I belong to:

Top 10 medical schools (research)

1. Harvard University
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. University of Pennsylvania
4. Washington University in St. Louis
5. University of California San Francisco
6. University of Washington
7. Stanford University
8. Duke University
9. Yale University
10. Baylor College of Medicine (TX)
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (NY)

Top 10 medical schools (primary care)

1. University of Washington
2. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
3. University of Colorado-Denver and Health Sciences Center
4. Oregon Health and Science University
5. Mich. State U. Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine
6. East Carolina University (Brody, NC)
7. University of Vermont
8. University of California - San Francisco
9. University of Wisconsin Madison
10. University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

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well i want to be a nurse and i hope to go to university of toledo, they have a very nice program according to my mom.

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georgia. penn state.


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@rockchick8, I hate to be rude but if you don't have an answer, and all you can come up with is "google it" then it's best that you don't answer. As for why I'm saying this, most of the users that come on here primarily come from google searches so to send them back there is a little redundant.

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If you type into google top universities in california, click on the first link at the top of the page it comes up with 138 universites. Now, miguel, i hate to be rude but that's not so hard now is it?

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University Of Arizona Wildcats =]]]

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