What are some unique phrases where you live?

I had a discussion like this a few days ago about odd slang and terminology in different countries. What are some weird things you say in your area?

Answer #1

Idk but ppl always say “Baked, like hot cheetos!” when someone gets insulted

Answer #2

apparently we like to insult people by calling them eggs

Answer #3

i fux with em meanin when u play around with someone or associated with someone…and alotta other things and BACKDOE -when a girl cheat on a boy

Answer #4

Here in Wisconsin your “water fountain” Is a bubbler. :) We’re the only place that does that! lol makes us oddly unique.

Answer #5

we call people a butt munch when we get mad at them lol idk why tho

Answer #6

To throw a little Oklahoman in here, my father always says we’re “moving like a herd of turtles”, meaning that we’re doing something slowly. We also say “fixin’ to” for “about to” (I’m fixin’ to answer my own question), and the really hillbilly members of my family call overalls “overhauls”, probably due to bad pronunciation. Underwear turns to “drawers” or “britches”, and when people are on their period, they are “on the rag” :) hehe

Answer #7

Someone didn’t make it to the rag and leaked all over the carpet. I’m a go fixin this.

Answer #8

Lol, it’d be “I’m fixin to go fix this”, sadly. Oklahoma hurts my grammatically sensitive ears :)

Answer #9

We have just stuff we add to phrases here… Some being ‘’type’’ and ‘’dub’’

For example: TH!$ CL@$$ I$ TYP3 BOR1ING!

Also, we refer to people as dubs when they’re being stupid. Yup, we’re known for that.

Answer #10

Adding more Everyone else calls them Atm machines, here they’re Tyme machines. Brew Crew is our baseball team. Side by each is what we say instead of walking side by side. Up north doesn’t always mean going up north. It also means like hunting, fishing, boating, and drinking. White soda is clear soda (is that national?) Dah pack is back is how we refer to our football team. Beer, cheese, beef, and corn are considered their own food groups. That’s it :)

Answer #11

Kids out here seem to say ‘’That’s beast’’ a lot.. it’s so annoying. I’m fixing to punch them in the face. hahaha just kidding. ;)

Answer #12

I dunno Moe, to hurt them you might have to have some beastly vin deisel muscles. Lol in other terms it’s popular here too :)

Answer #13

In california, a lot of kids at my school say ,”That’s totally awesomeness!”

Answer #14

dude!! we do (: hahaha

Answer #15

um we say ‘that’s tight’ which is that’s cool.. haha(:

Answer #16

yeah, its like THE thing to say at my school rite now

Answer #17

yep your right

Answer #18

In lebanon we say ‘it rips’ i asked a frnd what does it really mean she told me ‘if someone told u ur hair ripped then ur hair waz so awsome that it ripped their minds ‘ i still dont get the silyness wiz people but it kind of funny!

Answer #19

in Texas we’ve got “ain’t”, “y’all” and as with Oklahoma we too say “fixin’ too” and since i’m from an old southern family we have one i don’t see listed above. when most people would say “wash” like washing clothes, we put an “r” in it when we say it. so it’s “waRsh”. we stress the “r” and whats normally a short “a” becomes a long “a”. I didn’t notice i did it for the first 17 years of my life till a girl from New Jersey pointed it out to me.

Answer #20

There aren’t any as far as I am aware.

Answer #21

“It was sick” sick meaning it was good, awsome, the bomb etcc….

Answer #22

When I used to live in Arkansas & Missouri we had “ain’t”, “y’all”, “we got an’ elephant in the living room” when some one had a secret. “Britches” for pants and “drawers” for underwear.

Answer #23

In NZ, guys call other guys ‘bros’ like ‘brothers’, and in maori culture it’s common practice to call all other older males ‘uncle’ regardless of weather they are related or not. We have dairys (like a corner shop) and we call food ‘kai’ which is the maori word for food.

Answer #24

we say DROFF, when someone gets burnedd lol, and when someone says something we dont like we say BOOTY , and we always say eat it, and ur mom, and that what she said haha

Answer #25

lol, a lot of people around here say “who pi$$ed in your cornflakes this morning?” if you seem upset or mad. I don’t know if they this elsewhere or not, I have only heard it around here.

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