Unaccompanied minor flight question

This is a very important question. I am a minor and I might be flying on a plane soon by myself. My mom probably wants me to be kept an eye on, just in case. that and the fact I’ve never flown before lol So how much does it cost to have someone like escort you from your plane to those waiting rooms for minors/from the minor waiting rooms to planes? because I would have to stop between flights.


Answer #1

Most flight attendants would not send their own children unaccompanied. Sometimes a non stop flight has to land if there is a medical or mechanical reason. There maybe need for a plane change and your child would have to be reboarded and the wait could be stressful. Or if the plane is waiting for take off for more than an hour, what then. Most children would find it difficult to entertain themselves for hours and may get scared. You have to trust strangers to look after your child. What if a pediophile targets your child and waits for the stewardess to be busy helping the other passengers to say or do something inappropriate? Like the man who asked for a blanket and then lifted it to exposed himself to a child next to him, but no one else could see what he was doing? Yes, most all kids make their destination without any problems, but if it happens to your child, it is not just a statistic is it. You wouldn’t put your purse or wallet on a flight alone and trust the attendant to make sure it made it, would you? A child is worth far more. Your putting your heart on that plane, and let’s not mention terrorist at this point.

Answer #2

I never heard anything about waiting rooms for minors… I flown lots… my family are cheapos!!! I coulda been kidnapped! LOL! I wouldn’t know, but dont be nervous. Most flight attendants are sweet. They’ve waited with me tons of times when my family was running late to pick me up

Answer #3

I was an accompanied minor as well, but I believe you have to check the airport site. Because it depends.

Answer #4

it depends on the airport

Answer #5

thanks : D haha.

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