Why do I seem to be unable to lose weight?

I weigh around 11.5st (about 160lb) and I’m a dress size 14 (UK size) because most of the weight is on my stomach. I do trampolining and taekwondo (which is half an hour of pure cardio) for at least an hour every week, and carry a heavy bag around college all day every day, yet I haven’t lost any weight in nearly a year. I try not to eat too much junk, but I’m not fond of salad and whatnot. Why is it that I’m not losing any weight, and if you know anything else I can do, please give me suggestions :)

Answer #1

Losing weight is more diet than exercise. It might be something to do with your diet. Maybe the foods you’re eating aren’t the worst, but what about your portion sizes? You could just be eating too much. Another problem could be how often you’re eating. You said you’re in college, and I know for a fact that being in school can cause irregular eating patterns. Try to get in your three main meals a day at the least if you’re not.

Answer #2

Stop drinking pop that is an easy 10lbs right there! Also If all of your weight is on your stomach I’d suggest workouts to tone it crunches and the such. It’s not just eating salad it is eating healthy in general. Check this website out http://funadvice.com/r/16bi4g7eeop. It can help you plan out healthier meals.

Answer #3

I had the EXACT same problem. Now I have lost 20 lbs and just in general feel much better. This is what I do: -I go to bed no later than 11pm (meaning lay in bed at 10:30 and meditate until I fall asleep) -I wake up at 7 am (full 8 hours of sleep, this is important for weight loss). -I drink two cups of tea (one is Pu erh tea which apparently helps and I have lost weight drinking it, the other is a cup of infused green tea)

Those are my habits I believe help, now onto food. -Breakfast consists of a serving of fruit, a healthy fat such as almonds etc, and protein. -Lunch is 50% veggies, a serving of fruit, good fat, and a protein. Also a cup of green tea. -Dinner is veggies, good fat, protein and NO FRUIT or BREADS. These will keep you away, after lunch is when you need to put more veggies in and less empty carbs, sugars, or fruit. Also, caffeine free tea, preferably fruity tasting to kill cravings for something sweet. I like lemon tea with a lime wedge in it for dinner.

By using this method you are getting energy mid-day, and allowing yourself time to get tired later on. Also, you will be drinking tea all day which will give you your fluids for the day (good bye water weight and bloat) and also keep you from reaching for sweet drinks.

Now, PICK A DAY to be your cheat day. I suggest this so you don’t go crazy with junk food withdrawls and go on a week long bender. Eat a healthy breakfast, then you are allowed to cheat with ONE to TWO meals. NOT all day. However the trick for this is to pick a day and stick with it. Meaning if you pick saturday, and its friday you can’t say “eh, today can be my cheat day.” This will get you used to stronger will power.

NEXT: the workouts. I do yoga 5 days a week in the AM ( I learned to wake up earlier) and I go to the gym and either do a circuit I found, bikes, walks, or an outdoor activity. Find something that works for you, but the trick is to mix it up and find SEVERAL workout buddies. If you only find one, if that person cancels on you you have no fall back.

My friend and I called this the “true reflections pact” based from a disney character we loved as kids (Mulan) and posted pics on our doors of people who inspire us along with a written version of this. Give this a try!

Answer #4

Also, try this circuit: 30 jumping jacks 5 push ups 25 high knees 7 burpees 10 crunches 7 squats 5 pushups 10 crunches 5 pushups 7 squats 30 jumping jacks 5 push ups 25 high knees 1 min wall sit

repeat 3-5 times

Answer #5

Another tip is to see your doctor. Turns out I am allergic to Gluten and when I cut that out I lost a lot of weight too.

Answer #6

I have one can of fizzy drink a week or something, it’s not that much. Since I’m still living at home I don’t control what I eat, my mum does, so I eat whatever my 11 year old brother eats :/ Also, I am physically incapable of doing crunches, I’ve tried many times before xD I can just about do situps, haha

Answer #7

College food is really expensive so I try not to eat too much, but when I have tea, the amount my mum piles on my plate is unreal, and to be fair, I can’t control that because every time I try to eat less she thinks I’m anorexic or something :/ I never skip meals though, so I don’t think that’s a problem xD Thanks though :)

Answer #8

Wow, thanks :) I’ll definitely try some of these, although I can’t guarantee it’ll work xD I’m not a fan of vegetables, apparently I used to eat them like sweets as a kid and I seemed to go off them at the age of about 8 for some unknown reason, now I can’t stand them xD I’ll try the circuit on a Saturday or something since I do taekwondo on a Sunday and I don’t have time on a college morning since my bus arrives 45 minutes after I wake up :/ I tried walking to college then got bored of it after the first week, I might have to start doing that again xD I’ll definitely try the green tea one, I think they sell that in college, I’m not sure, but they definitely have fruity tea. Any flavours you recommend other than lemon? :) I’m not allergic to anything. But thanks a lot, you’ve definitely helped :)

Answer #9

I just read you can’t do crunches. Try laying on your back, putting your hands below the small of your back for support and using your abs to lift your legs in the air, then setting them lower without touching the ground. When you get better, aim to get your butt and lower back off the ground when you lift.

Answer #10

They make plenty of caffeine free fruity teas like raspberry or pomegranate flavored tea. I saw a mandarin orange flavored one at the store the other day that looked pretty good.

I hate veggies too, try sneaking them into smoothies (sounds weird, but if you mix spinach leaves in with fruit to make a smoothie, you cant taste the spinach. For that I would say a handful of spinach, some mixed berries, ice, and some flax seed (good fat) blended together would make a great breakfast or addition to a lunch.

Answer #11

Pfft, what abs? :P According to my friend my legs are quite toned, but I shall take your advice into account and try and work out some sort of exercise routine. Hopefully my mum won’t think I’m anorexic again or anything :P

Answer #12

I actually suffered from an eating disorder at 15 years old, so now my mom automatically thinks I am anorexic if I eat healthy.

Best way to avoid that is to constantly talk about how healthy the food is or how healthy you want to be. Stay away from words like lose, weight, skinny, or models haha.

Keep saying healthy and fit and happy and she might get it eventually.

Answer #13

I wouldn’t mind, I don’t even want to lose weight to be that skinny, I don’t compare myself to skinny people, my only problem is I’m like a stone overweight, so I just want to be a healthy weight, maybe like 10st or something (140lb, I know some people don’t work in stones xD)

Answer #14

That is exactly my goal, I am also 160lbs and want to be 140lbs as well. Like I said keep talking out load to your mom about how excited you are to be healthy. Even insult the models a bit if it helps haha!

Answer #15

Hahaha xD Will do, thanks :3 I’m one of the laziest people ever though, so not getting the bus every day would be an achievement in itself for me I think, especially now it’s getting cold xD I might take sandwiches to college instead of buying food there too :)

Answer #16

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