how do I make my self more... cute?

im 13, && im ugly. all my friends say im pretty but I’ve nevr had a boyfriend and no guy has evrr liked me. I have the whitest skiin evrr &&I cnt tan no mattr how hard I try. I have freckles and realllyyy dark brown hair and my boobs are to big. im in the middlle of trying to go emo and hopefully that will help.. but how do I make my self more… cutee.?

Answer #1

firstt you should be more cofident and going emo wont help you should get cute dressy shrtis that wont make your boobs look so big try charlotteruuse or urbanbehavior and dye your hair a color you like and belive me cofidence makes a girl beautiful


Answer #2

O wow..when I was 13 no guy EVER even lookd at me then more than a friend..but now im 16 and I’ve hada lota guyz..and trust me itz not too good to have skin that can tan really from pakistan and we tan really ez in the sun..and I LOVE to play outdoors so im about as light as angelina jolie in the winter..but in the summer im almost as dark as lookz so baddd!!! I mean it lookz good on her but I hate it because like mi face and armz are dark and mi body is white lol..nywayz..have you tried that skin tanner it comez in a beige color bottle I 4got what it was calld but mi friend brittany usd it and she was like a golden tan..and another like 4 11 (seriously) and mi boobz are pretty big2..mi boyfriend dozn’t mind one little bit..just wait till you get older and u’ll love them..girls DIE to get bigger boobz so keep your back str8 and stick your chest out proud..and your only 13..try a little make up too..but put it on so that no one can tell you actually put it a little mascara..and try flirting a little evry once ina while..if you or nyone else reading this have are in need of advice feel free to e-mail me because I always advice mi friends on stuff and you don’t have to wry bout me telling nyone..and I know a lot about the beauty world..what me and u talk about is confidential..itz hope this helpz..

Answer #3

ahh you sound exactly like me. im not too happy with myself either pale skin dark freckles I hate them..& no boy has ever liked me either. I just use coverup and concealer to make my freckles less noiceable if thats what you want but trust me going emo will not make you cuter.. it depends what you want to do you wear mak up? to look cuter maybe you could do lighter colors and glittery ones[eyeshadows] I love skinny jeans and flowy tops, or tee shirts or for cuter..light pink maybe but it depends what style your willing to pull off.

Answer #4

okay well first of all thinking that your ugly is no help at all. For people to see you as beautiful you have to believe it yourself first. And going Emo wont help anything it’ll just make matters worse -_-“ So here are a few tips :)

  1. make mental notes , Find someone you think is beautiful either when your walking on the street or a famous person or someone you know, figure put why you think they are beautiful and try to maybe work some of the things you like about them into your style .

2.try to do things to make yourself feel prettier like when I feel I am not looking my best I go get my nails done or give yourself a makeover one day try some avocado facial scrubs or wear new perfume get a new outfit for yourself try a new lip gloss .

  1. Find your style. Having your own personal style helps people to notice your individuality and character .I’m not saying wear feather boas and orange pants to school (unless you want to ) but find a medium like a nice pair of jeans a tank top with a vest maybe or whatever you feel comfortable in , wearing a few nice jewelry items can always help in this field I.E. a few bracelets you like a necklace and a nifty pair of earing’s.

  2. If you think being pale is a bad thing trust me it’s not everyone loves a beautiful ivory complexion if you don’t like how pale you are try a nice bronzer to give yourself some color ( try not to make yourself orange) a pretty eyeshadow can always bring out the color of your eyes and face. If makeup isn’t what you want try wearing warm colors to take away from the glow of your skin.

  3. Hair! ahh we all love it , but sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. pale skin and dark hair would probably make you look even paler so try to go for a brownish red maybe or brown with some highlights that complement you.

in the end it all depends on how you see yourself not how others see you , try to remember that . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the right person for you will come along just be patient :) hope I helped . <333 good luck !

Answer #5

Well, I’m 18 and I think I’m adorable and I’ve never not once had a boyfriend XD Find who you are, in time you’ll figure it out. Go at your own pace ^-^

Answer #6

well said , iovedux
try to be confident , some people say confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear ,

Answer #7

yeah I guess mine could have been shorter lol

Answer #8

this will be sweet and short.

  1. your 13. so what you have you hole live to get a guy
  2. your 13 be glad you have boobs, they are never to big : )
  3. emo hell no girl. 4.your skin is yours love it and care for it,

peace out.

Answer #9

All the guys you’re hanging out with are probably pretty scared to date you. Rejection is a scary thing, and most 13 yr olds would rather not chance it. So the reason you haven’t had a boyfriend has nothing to do with you, just immature boys.

Answer #10

ok,I think pale skin is adorable. but going emo alll of a sudden will cause people to call you a poser.wear blush cus it just makes you look will help alittle with the freckels.dark hair and pale skin should be help.some people love it.but dont just let it hang,do something with it,layer it,get extensions if you can wear a little make-up,but if its you first times,dont over do it.mascara helps a lot.[: if you have boobiez,be happy with them and wear cute outfits to flaunt if you need anymore help just ask me ill help you out a lot,and dont be afraid to.

good luck with primping yourself[[[:

Answer #11

no one is ugly..everyone is unique in his or her own ways..I have no girlfriend but that not makes me ugly ;)

Answer #12

k, well I have really pale skin 2, but im n0t ugly just cuase you have pale skin d0esnt mean your ugly!!! and s0 what? you havent had a boyfriend? its sign s0me0ne speical will be in your life! here’s ,y advice even th0ugh its hard 2 learn! BE C0MF0RTABLE IN your 0WN SKIN!!! don’t dye your hair your fine, def don’t g0 em0. at the end 0f your ? it says h0w d0 I make my self m0re cute? well em0 hunni ain’t cute!

Answer #13

I’m sorry but no one’s perfect and big deal I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’m 15 nearly 16! And don’t wish to be different Asian people always want to whiten too. Also the boobs thing be glad you’ve got something there instead of bein flat chested, it’s much more appealing.

Answer #14

I’m The Same, Except For Boobs, Mine Are Small. No Boys Have Ever Really Liked Me Either, But We Don’t Know For Sure, I Bet There’s A Guy Crushing On You Right This Second, You Just Don’t Know It, Boys Sometimes Hide Their Feelings Too. To Be Cute Just Wear Natural Make Up, Maybe Just Mascara & Lipgloss Will Do, Covering Yourself With MakeUp Will Only Make You Uglier Or Get Spots, Remember Less Is More. Love Yourself For Who You Are. One Day There Will Be A Boy Who Loves Everything About You. & Even If You Aren’t Pretty [I Don’t Know If You Are] You Probably Will Be As You Get Older. Wearing Blush Can Also Make You Look Cuter Too, Just Don’t Wear Too Much. Oh & Freckles Make People Look Cute & Boys May Like You For That Seriously I Used To Have Freckles & There Was This Boy Who Said He Only Likes Girls With Freckles, Kinda Weird But Cool. Also Just Wear Cute Outfits & You’ll Look Ok x :)

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