What type of glass plates can I put in the microwave?

all my glass plates and bowls doesnt say anything about being microwave-able

the only thing they say at the bottom of the plate is ‘Made in China’ lol so can i still put it in the microwave? and also some of my bowls were free goods that came along with this tooth paste Darlie and the only thing it says at the back is Darlie..so im not sure what im gonna use to microwave food..

i just bought a microwave yesterday and was wondering :<

Answer #1

All, unless they have cracks or air bubbles in them.

Answer #2

how about chipped glass plates/bowls..some of mine are slightly chipped at the side

Answer #3

any glass just no metal

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Answer #6

Hey sad…

What’s with the name? Just curious…

Anyway the ones that are NOT safe are those where water can get trapped…

So one with a crack going from the edge towards the middle may have moisture (from washing) trapped there which in the microwave will turn to steam (expanding) and ruining your chicken pot pie (or whatever) when it explodes…

BTW I forgot to mention that articles with metallic paint are also not safe.

Saludos, M.

Answer #7

Glass containers are often marked microwave safe. These containers can be heated in a microwave without a problem. The issue with glass that is not microwave safe is that micro-air bubbles may be present in the glass and as the glass heats in the microwave oven, the bubbles may expand to the point where the glass breaks or shatters. (Obviously, you shouldn’t eat food where it’s glass container has broken.) One popular method of testing if a particular glass is microwave safe is to microwave the container while it is empty for one minute. If the container is hot, then it is not microwave safe. If the container is warm, it should be fine for heating food. If the container remains cool, you can cook in the microwave with that container. check to see if it’s marked as microwave safe or ask the manufacturer before using in a microwave. Any glass container with a metallic trim should never be microwaved. http://funadvice.com/r/bg1nfres0k4

Answer #8

Any, just no metal or aluminum. And follow the other’s advice too. Also, I would advise you to watch kind of watch while you have food in the microwave, just in case something happens and you need to act quickly…

Answer #9

hmm i would i know if theres metallic paint on it?

Answer #10

well i dont know the manufacturers and like i said i checked all my glass plates and such and i didnt see anything thing that says microwave safe =/

Answer #11

oh and the name LOL..i made it like 2 years ago..

Answer #12

Sorry about the first watch. Typed too fast :-P

Answer #13

You can try doing the “microwave test”. :)

Answer #14

thanks :D

Answer #15

any as long as they aren’t metal

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