Twilight "going online to read the new book"

Does any one out there like twilight? Becauswe im done with the saga but I cant get myself to go online and read the first couple chapters of the new book. Should I?

Answer #1

I read it and was sorry I did. yes it lets you see Edward’s point of view, but you also know where the story is heaed in the future. On Stephenie’s site, she even says she would rather no one read it, she just putit out there so people wouldn’t read it illegaly. so I would say no.

Answer #2

I agree with above but if you need the addy go to:

Answer #3

Do it right now. If you don’t, you would have wish you had

Answer #4

no dont!!! you will get mad that you cant read anymore of it because she got mad and stopped writin it!

Answer #5

twlights a really good book bur I read midnight son some of it anyways and its really good its better then bellas point of view and yea if you want you should read it

Answer #6

I am confused about whether to read the partial draft or not… well, I really really do want to read it though… but a little self-control won’t do any harm, right?? so, I guess that I will just for the boof to release and then read it…

Answer #7

NO YOU SHOULDN’T! I got so mad that it stopped I killed my little brother!

Answer #8

No it makes you want to read the rest and you can’t.

Answer #9

look it would be better to wait untill it comes out(a lil patence anyone) yes I heard she has started writing it again, and stephanie wasnt mad, she was sad and disappointed

Answer #10

Does anyone know when it will be out?

Answer #11

YES! If you go to and go to Twilight Series, the click on Midnight Sun, scroll down until you get to where there is a link to part of the book, she has posted part of it, about thirteen chapters, for everyone to read. Unfortunately, someone who was close to her posted(leaked) the book online, which is illegal! She said that in her state of mind, she might end up having James win and the Cullens all dead! Basically, Midnight Sun is Twilight in Edward’s POV(point of view)! So you can go see part of it legally on her site! Hope I helped!

Answer #12

read it!! its good but it cuts off…just as a warning…but otherwise it really lets you look into edwards piont of view

Answer #13

If your talking about Midnight Sun (It hasn’t been offically released to sell) then yes. You could learn so much from Edward’s point of view. Also you get to see how he came to compose Bella’s Lullaby, and there are amazing parts you have to see that are between Alice and Edward! So basically my answer is yes, read it, love it, and dont be done with the saga!

Answer #14

OK, I’m just going to say that it really depends on you. The book stopped rather suddenly, and that made a lot of people really upset. Just look at the other posts. But it does give you a great insight into Edward’s perspective, and there IS a lot in his perspective that would help if you wanted more details about what was going on in the first book. I did read it, and I don’t exactly feel upset that I did. I just wish that she had finished it, though I know she won’t. What I’m saying is that, in the end it’s your choice. And that if you think that you could handle reading it then go ahead, but if you think that you’ll be too upset then maybe you shouldn’t… Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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