TV series Overhaulin show applications

how do I get my car piccked for the tv show Overhaulin?

Answer #1

I would like to know how I get the information to have my dads 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk restored. It is a 2 door hard top very few were maufactured and he has one. It has been sitting since I was a child my dad is very sick and was given 3 years to live 8 years ago and before he leaves us it would be a dream come true for him to see his car restored. He has left the car to me to do for him and I am a sinngle parent of 4 children and one grand child to raise I cannot financially afford to fix this car the way it should be, so I would like to have it put on this show and see my dad happy one more time. Thank you so much!

Answer #2

my boyfriend is a real fast and furious car lover and he has been trying to put his little ford escort ZX2 coupe together, for about a year or so now and the only thing is he had to sell his first owned car (that was already paid for), a 1998 dodge avenger, which he loved so much that he put about 2,000 dollars into just to get it running right, well he ran out of money to put into the avenger, so it sat behind our house for 2 years, until he, I finally talked him into selling it. Now chip I know you know how it feels to love a car so much that when you sell it you try everything 2 buy it back, but that is just half the story. See before he sold the avenger he had just go a new transmission, new axles on both sides, struts, and god know what else; basically got it running. He takes it 2 a wheel shop for a front end alignment, they tell him his ball joints are bad and his rim is about 2 fall off and it was going 2 cost him another $450.00 2 get it fixed. He knew he didn’t have the money 2 get it fixed because he had just bought the escort and had 2 start paying on it. Ok he finally sells the car for $700.00, which he used 2 buy a $800.00 body kit online. The very next day, the guy he sold the car 2 tells him that his ball joints wasn’t the problem; all it was, was the rims bolts had stripped out and need replacing; can you imagine how he felt, I swear he was so mad, 1: cause the guy at the wheel shop lied and was just trying make a nice profit off of him, 2: He had just sold the only (first) vehicle he ever owned and 3: it was a problem that he could’ve probably fixed himself. Chip I haven’t ever seen a man so down before over a car, I tried 2 make him feel better by saying, “well at least you got your kit”, but that didn’t make him feel any better. Ever since then every time he see’s that car he says, “man it makes me sick 2 even see that car; 7years, 7years, that isn’t the way I wanted 2 let that car go”. Chip I know it seems like I’ve talked a lot but I’m just half finished. Now the escort; He gets the kit right, gets it put on now he just needed someone 2 paint it, so a friend, or so he thought, comes and says, “hey,man I’m trying 2 start up a body and paint shop with my uncle”, tells him that his uncle and he had been working on cars for a long time and you know basically makes him feel confident enough 2 let them paint his car, now keep in mind he loves his and didn’t want just anyone 2 do it, so the guys says, “man since this will be the first car torward me getting my work out there and getting some business, I’ll only charge u $300.00 cause this is going 2 put me in business, hopefully”, so ronnie (my boyfriend) excepts thinking since hes trying 2 start a shop there will be no way he’ll mess this up cause if he does then no one will bring him any business. 3 weeks go by and he still hasn’t got his car, the 4th week he finally gets it, but there is a problem the boys uncle wants more than they discussed and words get exchanged, 2 make a long story short(lol), we get dipped out of 200 more dollars, notice I said we because I had 2 give him the extra 200 dollars out of my pocket. The next day really gets a good look at the car and 2 our suprise the paint job wasn’t even worth 200 dollars let alone 500.00 dollars. Chip I really wish that you make it happen for him cause hes been through a lot, even lost his job. Now he can’t finished what he started cause he hasn’t got any money. Really I just want him 2 have nice car cause I know hes a hard worker, been working since he was 8 years old, cutting grass with his dad before he could work legally. I know its always been his dream 2 own a car that Chip Foose himself design and did a custom drawing for him, cause he likes art and every time he watches the show hes is just amazed how your drawings look just like the finished car. “U tha man’, as he says. I truly know he would deeply chersih this car especally when it has been Overhauled!!! thank you, sorry so long but I just wanted you 2 feel how I feel about this man. P.S. I put my daughters e-mail on here because mine is so old.

Answer #3

how do I get a application to get a 1978 chevy van overhauled it is in need of one for a guy that helps everyone but does not have the time and money to do it his self. thanks crystal at

Answer #4

My boyfriend has a 1950 Chevy Sadan delivery. He has been laid off of his job. This has been in his family for 20 years. We keep selling every thing so we can re do the Sadan. This is his baby and we would like to find out more about the show. Right now it is in storage. I would like to do this for him. We are high school sweet hearts.

Answer #5

That show stopped filming in 2008

Answer #6

I would like to get my husbands 1986 Izuzu pup restored. He’s been trying to get in done for years, but we haven’t had the money. His dad gave it to him and it would mean a lot to him. He was wanting to give it to our 9 year old son Logan. We have only one income now because I’m not able to work. Applyed for disability and got an attorney. It’s been sitting in the yard and would like to get it looking nice and running. It would make my husbands day and also my sons. Thankyou !!!

Answer #7

My dad is working on other people’s cars for a while now and has no time to work on his own vehicle. He has four kids and he wants to build four cars for each of them. The car he is working on right now is a 1973 RoadRunner. That’s the car he wants done first… but he can’t do it. So we watched one of your shows ( as usual) but this time I had an idea, maybe his RoadRunner could get overhauled. It would be awesome for him. He loves your show and for him to be on the show and to get one car done… it would be one of the best moments of his life. Thank you!!!

Answer #8

Ignore that last answer that you received, I’m not sure how one gets picked to be on the show, however the show is in the middle of a new season, so the person that told you they stopped filming in 2008 is a moron. So you keep trying to pursue gettin gon the shop. In the future people don’t post anser if you have no clue what you are talking about.

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