tupac isnt dead.

whats the conspiracy about tupac not being dead and coming back in like 2014?

p.s. I dont believe it.

Answer #1

Face it people… HE’S DEAD. He has been for several years now. He was shot to death. HE’S NOT COMING BACK. He died… he’s gone forever now. Life goes on…

Answer #2

Oh, btw…for the record Em, I don’t believe either as well!! (•:

Answer #3

I’m going wit hedgecortha on this one. I do believe he will possibly come back in 2014

Answer #4

the prophecies contained in a mayan document referred to as “the dresden codex” end on the date specified in 2012.

the mayan calendar itself recipricates- it is cyclicle, and to the mayans- history repeats itself. they had recorded in the dresden codex that every era ends in a cataclysmic event- ice ages, droughts, that sort of thing.

on 2012 the earth will be aligned with the center of our galaxy- which happens every 26,000 years (I believe that is the correct number- and according to the theory) so I have seen and heard many different things about what is going to happen- the second coming- pole shift- that sort of thing.

the way I prefer to look at it is this way- we truly can’t do anything to change it- if indeed it is going to happen- so whats the point in worrying? my personal gut instinct tells me that we will be laughing about this on new years day 2013- but truthfully - noone can say beyond a shadow of a doubt- conclusively- that nothing will happen on that day- that statement would be just as much conjecture as the original theory (that nothing is going to happen that is).

we have no choice in the matter- we are along for the ride, no missile defense system will change the orbit of our solar system. so we will just have to wait and see.

Answer #5

ey, when 2pac not return in 2012 you can close the 2pac is alive act!!! then 2pac´s life goes on just in our hearts!!!

but I hope he returns!!!

Rest in Peace

Tupac Shakur 1977-1996

Answer #6

Actually If you think.. If he was alive, Dont you think he would have come back after obama became presedent? (Unless he’s in a different counrty) :p But I’m ki nda starting to believe it.

Answer #7

lmfao, CHIIILLL guys, stop saying “OMFG LEAVE IT ALONE, HE’S DEAD IDIOT…blah blah blah rant rant rant, etc etc etc” Because you just sound stupid, that was not my question, and I never stated that I believed it.


Answer #8

years tupac was supposed to come back, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009(still hoping this is true)

if that doesn’t happen we can always look forward to 2010 when he will certainly come back

Answer #9

Cool…umm, I have a question. How can you listen to one of his songs withoud a CD or some other device that brings the music to u? Even the internet has a beginning of where or better yet “what” the music ca$e off of to begin with, right?

Answer #10

I heard he was coming back in 2007 but that didn’t happen. I think he’s dead but hey you never know lol

Answer #11

ha ha love what all you lot said , hey we are still waiting on the secounded coming of christ lol , emmm once your dead you dont come back , just the energy that gets left behind , so in a way his spirt lives on

Answer #12

Oh, hey amblessed just saw u!! You know the story of Tupac! Hey another question for everybody:

How many of you were over the age of 4 when Tupac was shot and killed and actually REMEMBER discussions about it and seeing it on the news? Hands?? {=

Answer #13

Everyone saw him shot to the ground. And if the world is supposed to end in 2012, there won’t be anything but cockroaches left to greet him!! (Ya know ya can’t get rid of those things!!).

Answer #14

He’s Alive and well with hitler in miami.


Hmm, I’ve never heard about it. It’s probably something some one high on some very strong crack came up with though.


Answer #15


if I were a big time music executive- this story would be EXACTLY the type of rumor I would keep spreading to stimulate CD sales.

Answer #16

He’s dead…face it. And they said the Beatles records you could play backwards and hear stupid sh*t. How could anyone believe such nonsense!!!?? I also had a good laugh at Hedgecorha”s grammar as well you kids need to be paying more attention in school and less attention to crap like this!

How exactly do you slow down or play a CD backwards! It was possible when we had vinyl but CD’s? And officially, a body can be released to the family to do with as they wish, as soon as the medical examiner has determined cause of death. It was a GSW that killed him, with the cash the family had, they probably insisted it be turned over ASAP. If nothing else was suspicious they could have turned it over the following day.

The Myan calendar states the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012.

Answer #17

Thank you. And I do have to say, you did something to add a little “oomph” to my evening! Thanks for entertaining me guys”

Actually, that was a lot more sarcastic than I meant it to be. There’s alwasys something about those we love who leave us earlier than they should. But fact is fact. And there’s always the ones who won’t believe. Elvis died in 1977 and there are STILL 32 years later that won’t believe he is dead. I don’t think that there have been any Tupac “sightings” since his death but there Elvis “sightings” almost every week!! Good night every one. Thanks for sparring with me… you to Emily!! {=

Answer #18

twilightmom, I never said CD’s. you can play anything backwards that you want to, but not always on a CD, which is why I never said that.

“f nothing else was suspicious they could have turned it over the following day.”

– yes, because a murder isnt suspicious at all.

oh and also twilightmom, the world will not end on 2012, the calendar states that something huge will happen. and of course the human race expects the worst. and if you believe that conspiracy, it’s just as silly as you think the tupac one is, and this conspiracy is more believable (IMO) than the 2012 one.

Answer #19

that ni99a is dead lol I don’t know why you people keep thinking otherwise

Answer #20

I completly agree with everyone who says he is alive. just listen to me. will you? tupac has been stated as Black Hayez (I don’t know how tospell it) but I have to tell you all that if you listen to tupac’s music… then black hayez… you will not hear a change in his voice at all. tupac faked it too get away… and now he is a different person. but if you listen too the words in black hayez music the majority of the time all he is singin about is comin back too life and bein like jesus. soo it’s true he is alive not only that but also he’s def. going too hell!!!

Answer #21

first off tupac is alive 2014 is the year and the world aint ending in 2012 ( at least I hope not) still he alive he fake his death to get away from all the fighting and shooting he want to be a normal person so he fake it and he coming back to yea when he come back ya can laugh at urself

Answer #22

to twilightmom again, well im not sure what the site is called, but there are many. you can look up thing aon youtube and it shows people actually playing it backwards and HOW TO do it. but you can do it many ways, if you download the right software. you might have to burn the CD fiel to the computer in some cases and then go to the site, but not always, some might have the site downloaded to were you can do that.

Answer #23


that vid will kind of make you rethink yourself. and if you slow down a lot of his songs, or play them backwards, you can clearly hear phrarses like “I’ll be back”

also, he got murdered. and was cremated the next day. people usually dont get cremated right after a murder, the police investigate the body. so it’s not quite likely.

still, im not sure, he’s probably dead.

Answer #24

haha oops my bad :]

no, I did say that. I said “if you play some of his SONGS backwards” I never said to take an actual CD and play it backwards. you can play songs backwards online, which involves NO CD’s. so your wrong there,

but yes, I would have to say that I mostly agree with you on the account that he is dead.

Answer #25

The worlds not supposed to end in 2012,Twilightmom. Theres hust supposed to be a HUGE change.

Answer #26

ey when 2pac is dead and not coming back he´s life goes on in our hearts

Answer #27

Personally I think this is ridiculous.. the dude is dead.

Answer #28

wtf damn people are stupid because Tupac iz dead iiqht he aint cumin back in 2014 or anythinq ok

Answer #29

GSW means gun shot wound And when I said “nothing else was suspicious” it meant nothing was suspicious about his death—his autopsy showed he died from a gun shot wound!! Look at the paragraph it was written in.

“and if you slow down a lot of his songs, or play them backwards, you can clearly hear phrarses like “I’ll be back” you didn’t write that in your last post? I’m sorry, did I read someone elses erroneously?

You guys, face it. He. Is. Dead. (Unless he’s hangin out somewhere with Elvis!)

Answer #30

ha ha love what all you lot said , hey we are still waiting on the secounded coming of christ lol , emmm once your dead you dont come back , just the energy that gets left behind , so in a way his spirt lives on

Answer #31

Hey there Bwolf!!—excellent thought! Chunky and easy to chew Wow, missed a whole paragraph you wrote Emily. Just saw it.

Bwolf-.what’s your reading on what the Myan calendar is saying about 2012! End of the world or just “huge change”, (to me end of the world would be a pretty big change but, hey that’s just me)

Let’s see what others think, sound ok to you Emily?

Answer #32

He is alive I saw him I swear, his living under a witness protection programe with a new identity

Ha ! Ha!

Just kidding


Answer #33

Oh for the love of God! The man is DEAD… why doesn’t everyone just shut up about this “Tupac isn’t dead” crap and let him rest in peace?! He was shot and killed SEVERAL years ago. He’s DEAD… he’s NOT coming back! And THAT’S the TRUTH! geez… ENOUGH about it already.

Answer #34

He will when Elvis returns…NEVER !!

Answer #35

:] yep, sounds okay to me :]

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