Trying to win over a girl.... would like girls & guys advice on th

There is this girl that I have been friends with for about a year, and I have only really met her twice, because she lives a little ways away. We have kissed a few times, but I didn’t take any farther then that because of some circumstances like distance etc. I really like this girl, and I could even see myself marrying her down the road, because I know she is a real person unlike alot of the females I know. So I am leaving for Army basic training on August 24, I want to try and persue this girl, however I don’t think she knows I am wanting to take it farther, its going to be hard though because I am going to be in the military etc… But I did ask her to goto europe with me next year and she said yes, but I still thinks she thinks as “friends”, and its not a solid plan by any means, with me it is, because I AM going either way. Okay, sorry to type all that for such a simple question, but I am trying to figure out how I can go after her, I am going to be writing her letters while im away, and also I would like to send her flowers on her birthday… I am wanting to know two things, is there is any other suggestions of how I can win her over with such distance… I only get 30 days vacation a year mind you. And do you think these flowers are over kill for her birthday… Because I don’t want to be to “foward” but I do want to make a statement… and I know roses mean different things… like white is friends and red is serious…. Its just hard when you like someone… thinks get more confusing!

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First, the flowers are AMAZING! If any guy ever sent me such a beautiful bouquet, I would be absolutely flattered :-) They’re not too serious at all, I say go for it! Second, I think that you have to realize that getting a girl isn’t all about “winning her over”. After all, if she already likes you, then maybe you don’t have much work cut out for you in the winning department anyway. Personally, I love it when a guy can just let me know what he’s thinking. I’m not saying that you have to go out on a limb to confess your love for her or anything, but just let her know that you’re interested by saying the sweet things that you probably really mean. Is she funny? Smart? Absolutely beautiful? Do you love talking to her and spending time with her? I’m thinking that you probably do, so maybe you should just let her know. This way, if she knows that you’re interested, she’ll feel more comfortable with telling you how she really feels about you. I think it’s so sweet that you plan on keeping in touch with her after you leave, and if she’s anything like me, she’ll adore you for remembering her. Good luck with it, I think things will work out great so long as she’s wise enough to see the awesome guy she’s dealing with.

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hey i think you should be totally honest with the girl and tell her how you feel over a small candlelight dinner…………….so be yourself and be honest…………well later babe brandi

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Wow Babe..Just tell her it isnt that hard..let her know how u feel..

Hey _ her name..I really like you I wanna be with you I care about you i could make u the happiest woman alive..Trust me i die for that

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hey im pretty open about sex what about me?lol and id chose colorado…its tight..pretty!!! haha.and this has changed with the recent unveiling of her personal life i agree that it might be too soon for her to develop feelings of this kind again…you might even scare her off if you tell her what you want between you both.but dont quit on her just might be on to something. -v-

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I think that you should tell her because, if she means everything to you then you are being unfair to yourself and the relationship that you guys share. And if you guys have kissed then there has to be a chance, cause you don’t forget stuff like that. Be upfront with her let her know how you feel, and if this is the gurl that you plan to spend the rest of your life with; then go for her and don’t let anyone stop you, cause gaffneygirl is behind you a 100%.

                                                                                                                Your friend
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Trust me, I understand where you are coming from 100% and well i’m with 100% on telling her, but its not something i want to jump into head first. The thing is she got out of a long relationship last year, and this year she just lost her v card, and she was really one that it ment alot to her, and so i think she is done with guys for a while, and if she starts dating again… what can you do right… it was ment to happen… I don’t want to jump into something like you said where i cant be there physically. However if I could be around her enough to get married then we could live together where ever i am stationed!! ha… okay now i am so dreaming. As far as your thing goes, why dont you take her out to dinner or make her dinner, and spark it back up ?? I don’t know if i could handle being married with no sex… i would lose it

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lol goodtimes… i have had my gf fall asleep on me a few times… heh but thats after we had sex 5 times in a row! … haha but in all seriousness i have had a girl fall asleep on me without that… oh well what can u do..

Btw.. how are the chicks in europe? Because i am thinking about requesting my duty station there…. its that or colorado… what would you choose?

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Hey nothing is set in stone yet or diamonds if you want to get specific. ;)

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Its complicated, and I dont really want to explain it, I would like to go at it at a different angel and make it be “her idea” to want to go out with me or to make it more “invovled” i dont want to put it in her head that I want that at this time, i think it would be to complicated to have a relationship and this very second, I need to go through basic training and then settle down in my station… werever that maybe, most likely germany… and then play it by ear from there, but for the time being, I want to build up the little things that i do for her so she can make that assumption herself. Does that make sense?

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jesh ppl try to understand this guy…he dosent want her to fall in least not yet because he will be gone for so long and so far away.AM I RIGHT??

well the necklace thing does work wonders….i can attest to that. theyve given you so many good scenarious… to my advice …well its on the flowers….go with something other than roses…violets or gardinias.something different.good luck -v-

Answer #12

I am not playing mind games, I just dont want to tell her i like her and not really be able to be with her, but I still would like to show her that I would be with her if I could, and if the time comes, then all those things will be in the back of her mind that I really care etc… its not that I wouldnt go up and make it known that i want her if I could… but i cant… im probobaly going to be stationed in Germany or colorado… so its kind of out of the way..

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ps. sorry for the bad typing i am on like 3 hours of sleep go me

Answer #14

The link got messed up so i uploaded the picture below:

Its without the vase also…

Answer #15

haha… its more complicated then that. I can’t tell her, it doesn’t work that way in this situation.

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