Truth or dare in the pool?

Truth or Dare in the pool?
were going out for a midnight swim and there will be 3 girls.
2 will do ANYTHING
needs to be something in the pool.

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dare them to take off their bathing suites and switch. they can do it in or out of the water (their choice)

You could also, dare them to kiss - each other, both kiss you, 3 way kiss, kiss other body parts. etc.

Could dare them to take of their clothes and run a lap around the pool.

Or dare them to touch - body parts, each other, you,

and if you guys don't play truth or dare then try playing - strip "I've never", Marco polo (nude edition lol), race (loser losing piece of clothing)

hope this helped, you have my envy btw lol

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haha drewrico please add more...
I love to hear what you say...

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What are you asking?

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.
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like truth or dare questions that are really good to do in the pool

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