trurth or dare

hey I need some good truth or dare q’s

Answer #1

Alrighty, I have some truths/dares that might be kind of dangerous or not to good for younger people, so I won’t go with those unless you say otherwise lmao

Truth -

Who’s your crush? If you could change ONE thing about yourself, what would it be and why? What’s something funny that happened to you. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are your plans/goals for life? If you could go back in time, what would you choose to re-live/do again and why?

Dare -

I dare you to run outside in nothing but your undies I dare you to beat up a pillow. I dare you to dress up like a chicken and do the chicken dance in the front yard. I dare you to eat at least 3 pickles with ketchup and mustard on them. I dare you to randomly moo at people for 1 whole day. I dare you to act like a chicken for 20 minutes. I dare you hug someone in this room.

And there’s PLENTY others where this came from so if you want more… feel free to funmail me and I’ll keep going lol.

Answer #2

Oh my goodness… reading a7x’s dares made me laugh. Especially the first dare. Ha ha. You have one heck of a mind a7x… very very origional and creative. I bet you’d be the life of ANY party!

Answer #3

truths if all girls or all boys: ask who you would turn gay 4 in the room who you think is the sexiest if it was only you and …(ugly teacher) in the world would you save the human race by having sex with him. if you had to have sex with an object what would it be *how far have you gone with opist sex

dares: spin the bottle???( though thats gets a bit boring after a while ) cant think of anythingxx I actually came to this site to ask other pplz if they had any truth or dares 4 me and my friends (were 14) cause we cant think of anything exept 4 the ones we always use so I thought I might share ours with other pplz

hope these help

Answer #4

for like a co-ed party??? what would the ages range from?

Answer #5

Depends on age really…

Answer #6

Ew, one time my friend dared me to eat a stick of butter— then I dared him oto shave a patch of his it was so funny..

Answer #7

I dare you to give someone a lap dance, I dare you to wear a paper bag that says my mother is ashamed of me. . .how far have you gotten?,if you had to kill someone, who?

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