is it true that sex is for grownups & not for children?

Answer #1

…obviously, or there wouldn’t be laws regarding it.

Answer #2

thats rude

Answer #3

people believe different things but i think it’s for ppl who can accept the consequences i dont think 15 year olds should be having it

Answer #4

How is that rude, exactly? It’s the truth.

Answer #5

cause u say “obviously” like she SHOULD know. she didn’t know thats y she asked

Answer #6

Would you be happier if I said “Yes, or there wouldn’t be laws regarding it.” …would that really make the statement any different? Do you honestly think this person NEEDS to be told that children should not be having sex….really?

Answer #7

That would have been more polite. and you don’t know her maybe she does… i thought this site had something against posting rude and critizing comments ?

Answer #8

sex is for any1 who is ready to have sex. no age limits to sex. now theres age limits to who u may have sex with but thats different

Answer #9

It wasn’t rude, nor was it critical…it was the simple, unvarnished truth and you need to step away now and stop harassing me.

Answer #10

Ideally yes, sex should be for grownups. Athough people have sex for pleasure and to enjoy it, sex comes with major consequences that a child or teenager can not handle on their own - such as pregnancy and stds that can threaten your life.

Answer #11

Colleen wasn’t being rude. That girl asked a question, and she answered it truthfully. “Obviously” is NOT a rude or offensive word. It means clearly, or quite apparent.

Answer #12

Grow up.

Answer #13

If by children you mean between the ages of 5-12, then they should absolutely not be having sex. If you mean teens, they really should wait until they are older, 18+…but most of the time that doesn’t happen, it has almost became normal for teens 14-18 to be having sex now a days. Not saying it’s right, just saying that it’s happening a lot and beginning to seem normal.

Answer #14

So based on that you would say that if a 10 year old thinks that they are ready for sex they should have it? Or a 12 year old?

Answer #15

False. I recommend children wait until they are older to have sex, but in my mind, there is nothing wrong with experimenting, but when it goes to far, that’s where you draw the line.

Answer #16

ill going to answer this question with why does a 10 year old know what sex even is? a 12 year old shouldn’t even know what sex is but should have an idea. but idk about u but most people are having sex when they hit 15 years old. some even start at 13. im not saying thats a good thing. i am clearly saying that if the 2 people(cause idk if u knew this u need 2 ppl to have sex) are ready to have sex then why not have sex. this simple. because from what i see people who are “old enough” according to ppl here dont even no have to have safe sex. so heres another question when is the age that people are ready to have sex.

Answer #17

“so heres another question when is the age that people are ready to have sex.” I believe they are ready when they are informed, and understand about the consequence from it (Diseases, pregnancy, etc..) As well as emotionally, and physically ready to have sex. 10-12 year old children are barely informed, and are not emotionally and physically ready to have sex.

Answer #18

and why do u keep bringing up 10-12 yrs old. i have not heard of any 10-12 yrs old having sex. let alone any of them knowing what sex is

Answer #19

Because you said “sex is for any1 who is ready to have sex. no age limits to sex.” YES there has to age limits to sex, a 10 to 12 year old shouldn’t have sex!!!

Answer #20

Just because a 10 or 12 year old says they are ready to have sex, doesn’t mean that it is okay for them to have sex!

Answer #21

Really, you can have sex at any age. But I would not recommend it. Besides the fact that it’s illegal under 18 (or at least in the U.S.A.). You can really mess up a relationship, trust me. I’ve heard many stories where sex (after the first time) really changes a relationship. Not for the better either. I would not recommend it for a while. I hope this helps. (:

Answer #22

DUHHHH The rules is….That Grown ups should take care of Children not Children take care of Children. We Humans have sex to make MORE offspring…….it’s common sense. :]

Answer #23

you may not have heard of 10-12 year olds having sex but I have heard of 10-12 year olds having children. And I dont know what planet you’re living on, but I knew what sex was when I was seven or eight. Considering girls can go through puberty at about 10-12, yes, they very much do know what sex is, atleast where I am from, because they are educated about this, to explain what is happening to them and why. I agree with the comment above me, just because a child thinks they are ready for sex does not mean they actually are, it means they are a child and still do not know what they want and cannot completely comprehend all the consequences that could come from their decision.

Answer #24

Thank you Danielle. :)

Answer #25

ideally yes, sex is for grown-ups only. there ARE lawrs stating its illegal for children to have sex, mainly because there young and are easily manipulated or forced into it. this means soemone older or even the same age can make you do soemthing you dont really want to do, and as a child, you really wouldnt have any idea if your ready for sex or not. and 2, they can easily get pregnant or/and an std because as a child, they have little if ANY sex education. and if your not sexually educated, you shouldnt be having sex. children around 13 should not be having sex, neither should any kids under that age. it doesnt matter if they think there ready, they are rarely ready and are rarely sexually educated. which is why there are so many little kids and teens who end up pregnant. and in all honesty, havent we got enough of those and enough unwanted babies now

Answer #26

I dion’t think there’s anyone out there who’d be okay with the idea of thier OWN children having sex while still getting to grips with ‘childhood’…honestly..some questions don’t need asking,.unless they want to be controversial, and provoke exasperation .

Answer #27

Well, think about it. Sex is ment for what? To make babies. Yes, people have sex because it feels nice, but that’s not what it’s for, it’s for reproducing. If you’re a child you shouldn’t be havivng children so sex is not for children. It for adults who can take care of a baby, should pregnancy occur.

Answer #28

Actually it is for pleasure too,not just reproducing.

Answer #29

I have heard of 10-12 year old having sex and falling pregnant. I knew what sex was at that age, because my parents found it important to talk to me about it. And Danielle made is correct.

Answer #30

I agree, it is important for parents to talk to their kids about sex. You cant just pretend they are not going to hear about it from other sources.

Answer #31

i agree with that but i also put blame on education. skools should be teaching sex ed by the 6th or 7th grade at the latest.

Answer #32

No, it’s for re-producing.

Answer #33

its for both. srry if it was solely only for reproduction the earth’s population would be tripled.

Answer #34

I also put the blame on parents. They should be setting the tone for talking about sex.

Answer #35

Im not saying people dont do it for pleasure, but in the end it is for reproduction. I’m not respoding to anymore posts after this beacuase I dont care enough to keep arguing. :D

Answer #36

but parents also look at sex as bad. sex is not bad. parents who are in their late 30s + do not have the same look on sex as the younger generation does. granted parents should talk about it but not give their opinions about sex to their kid.

Answer #37

It’s a parents duty to give as much advice /opinion to thier children as they can, about anything regarding growing up, this includes sex, who’s the child going to blame when he/she is 19 years old with so many children to feed and clothe and provide for, leaving no room or time for a life or career, when the parents gave no advice or warnings? there’s so many struggling single parents out there at the moment, some cope wonderfully well, but others blame thier parents for giving no education /opinions on sex .

Answer #38

if kids are having sex and having children its their fault. they are not being forced to have sex. its a parents job to inform them what could happen. its not their job to put their opinions in their heads. that is what is wrong with the younger generation. their parents are from a generation where nothing was open to them. sex was not something so common to them. today sex is very common. why try to prevent something from happening and instead inform the kids what could happen. sex will happen anyway you look at it. its not the parents fault its no1’s fault. how can any1 b blamed for their feelings? parents need to teach their kids that what they do in life, not just sex but everything, has consequences. everything a teenager does affects how their life turns out. if a teen gets pregnant its their fault no1 to blame but themselves. its not the parents fault for that. their parents did not say “hey honey go have sex dont use protection we want a grandchild and we want u to have a risk of getting an std.” no parent says that.

Answer #39

I’m not going to read the answers because I don’t ant to start an argument but in my personal opinion, Sex is not just for ‘Grown ups’ It’s for whoever wants to do the most natural thing that a human can do. The fact that laws have been made against us is truly arrogant, They should have no control over my choices, whether I regret it or not, It should be a personal choice to have sex or not. If anyone wishes to make the counter-argument of me being arrogant or too young to understand, I’m not and age is a number, it does not determine your maturity, intelligence, or who you are and what you are capable of doing and handling.

Answer #40

I like that answer! It is completely and utterly correct.

Answer #41

Thanks. ^.^

Answer #42

“It should be a personal choice to have sex or not.” What if a 10 year old personally chooses to have sex, do you think that is okay?

Answer #43

Facepalms You’re not getting my point, Regardless of what I think, it does not matter because It’s not my choice, It’s that person’s choice, not mine. It should be only that person’s choice.

Answer #44


Answer #45

Self Fail ^

Answer #46


Answer #47

sex was not so common??? Then why is my mother from a generation known as the baby boomers? Immaculate conception? And we are talking about very young teens, it IS the responsiblity of the parent to inform their childrens and make sure they know how to look after themselves. If they do, and their children still end up pregnant its not their fault, but if they ignore it and pretend they are too young to have ever heard of the subject than yes, they were irresponsible.

Answer #48

State handouts to single mothers over here are so generous, free housing, medical aid, cash, clothing & food,..young girls have lots to encourage them, sex is not a taboo subject anymore, the last generation had none of these benefits and sex leading to pregnancy just was’nt in the equation, responsability, self respect, and sex for procreation was for married couples who planned it . Teens now can be so rebellious as to ignore their parents advice and fears, but once pregnant, expect their parents to feel guilty for not giving them enough advice and warnings,.not in all cases I know but most.

Answer #49

depends what you class a grown up?

Answer #50

No, it’s not for reproduction in the end. Many people have sex countless times without ever having the intention to reproduce. There are three reasons people have sex. Only ONE is for reproducing.

Answer #51

it was rude btw. if it was ‘obvious’ to her, she wouldn’t have asked.

Answer #52

“I’m not and age is a number, it does not determine your maturity, intelligence, or who you are and what you are capable of doing and handling.” i like that statement. I’ve been trying to get this thru to my parents for years who are truly arrogant… I don’t really agree with ur view on sex, but im not trying to start an argument

Answer #53

Ugh, I knoe I said I was going to respond, but whatever. People have more than one reason for doing it, but those other two reasons arent what it was ment for. Ultimately it’s for reproduction. This has been a fun debate.

Answer #54

*I know I said I wasnt

Answer #55


Damn, I cant type today. :/

Answer #56

sadly yes. but wat about teens?

Answer #57

well put it like this. everything has a consequence, whether it be good or bad. but as a child you do not understand those consequences for sex, atleast not fully. Also the innocence of a child is far greater than letting it have sex. and although i am a teenager and i am sexually active i take precautions with the pill AND condoms, because netiher protects fully against pregnancy and i am not ready for pregnancy. sorry if that was tmi but just making a point

Answer #58

… Wait Doesn’t That Depend On What She Considers Adult And Chlid To Be?

Answer #59

The average a parent would completely disagree with that statement of mine.

Answer #60

I agree the human body is made so precise and accurate that when done right, Sex results in babies

Answer #61

Franklyn I like your last answer there. And around here, there are TONS of rebellious teenagers. they give us the sex talk in 6th grade at my school and teens in my grade are having sex. Right now it looks like the Pregnancy Pact took place at our highschool.

Answer #62

I dont really thank that sex has an a age limit to it. I thank that sex is only for people who are mature and ready for erythang that comes wit it

Answer #63

I agree with most of these answers but sex is sometimes meant for pleasure but really only when a couple is married…

Answer #64

I don’t agree, it isn’t ultimately for reproduction and it doesn’t necessarily result in babies, even when it is done *accurate and precise, whatever that is supposed to mean. Humans are one of the only 3 animals which enjoys sex and they use it ultimately for pleasure as well.

Answer #65

What are the other two?

Answer #66

Dolphins and a certain breed of monkeys.

Answer #67


Answer #68

xD Sorry But I Had Thr Funniest Image, 2 Monkeys Ontop Of Eachother… Is A BJ Then Considered Sucking A Bannana? xD

Answer #69

Sex makes the world go around… so F* what anyone says. Its meant for love

Answer #70

Okay,..back to the point,..yes sex is for procreation as well as pleasure for mature “people”,.but I doubt anyone out there would be happy about thier own 12 year old kids experimenting with full sex,..regardless of how ‘mature’ they may ‘appear’ to be. Apart from the risks involved, the morals of it, what’s for them to look forward to when they’re adults.

Answer #71

couldn’t have put it better myself.

Answer #72


Answer #73

Lol I Love How @Franlyn Made My Comment Like A Back Storie By Simply Saying “Back To The Point”

Answer #74

i doesnt matter how olde you are. sex is for married couples. although i knwo ALOT of ppl have other opinions:P

Answer #75

Woops @Franklyn Sorry

Answer #76

Ahh,..That’s okay Brian,..there’s nothin’ like a good bit of fun on “fun advice”…lol..

Answer #77

Uhm i dont believe that its just for adults.!!!But if your like younggg youngg thann uhmm it is for adults lmao.!!! Yeah there are laws abt it BUT thts having sex with like a 20 old man and ur like 12 or something like that.&&IDGAF,what anyone else tells you.

Answer #78

I think most of you have actually lost the meaning of the actual question here….it says “children”, not “teens”, and if anyone here needs to be told that “children” should not be having sex, then they need their heads examined - it should be that obvious and I stick by my first reply.

Answer #79

Actually a lot of unmarried people mean to have sex for pleasure.

Answer #80

I think we’re all aware of that fact,..especially lots of illegitimate kids brought up in foster homes,.

Answer #81

I see no problem with this comment. You can take it in a rude way or you can grow up and take it how she meant it. You can’t display tone in text.

Answer #82

Screw all these Christian comments. I’m sick of reading them. Sex is fun. It has nothing to do with love. Sex has risks and unless you are able to take responsibility for those risks, you shouldn’t have sex. In that sense, no, sex is not for children.

Sex can ruin relationships and it can make them stronger. It can hurt families and friends depending on their veiws. The only reason it’s not for children is because that’s the way our society sees it.

Some people say that sex is soley to reproduce. That’s true in the animal kingdom where sex is instinct. Humans, for whatever reason, are not born knowing what sex is or how to do it. We get urges, but generally, if you don’t know anything about sex, you won’t know what those urges are.

I wouldn’t reccomend sex under 16 for this reason: Society sees sex as a bad, dirty, awful thing unless it’s with the person you marry. That leads to regret and disappointment. Also, it’s illegal in most parts of the U.S. In some states, you have to be 18 to be considered capable of consenting.

Answer #83

Good answer. I agree

Answer #84

I honestly feel like sex should not be associated with age… although its preferred that you are older when you have sex because you are much more stable and are more reliable to making your own decisions because sex is such an important decision. But, it all matters if you are emotionally mature. It’s wat I totally believe.

Answer #85

Sex is oriqinally for grown ups but if teens r mature ndd in lovee ndd dey use protection att all times den i dntt see why dey cntt have itt to……

Answer #86

Um, no actually generally people do not abandon their kids because they had sex outside marriage. There are a VARIETY of reasons. You get married people who also give their children up for adoption. You can’t attribute all the kids in foster homes to parentsor people having sex outside marriage.

ALSO people who have sex outside marriage also have it for fun and for closeness, they don’t always breed.

Answer #87

Teenagers have always been having sex. Now it is just a lot more acceptable to speak about teen pregnancies and sex. So it isn’t just teenagers of today being rebellious.

Furthermore the question wasn’t speaking of TEENAGERs, it was speaking of CHILDREN. There is a difference I believe.

Answer #88

No we cannot atribute all the kids in foster homes to people having sex outside marriage,..nor did I,..this is just one of many things that can happen,.unwanted pregnancies involve all kinds of heartbreak I’m sure you’re aware of,..but we’re talking about kids having underage sex here,..and lots of kids with pushchairs with real babies inside them not dolls,..I know they don’t always breed if they are mature enough to use contraception,.but laws were made for a reason whether you agree with them or not,..its the law.

Answer #89

Actually I believe that we were talking about CHILDREN having sex, i.e. intercourse, not children about to give birth. Also not teenagers, but CHILDREN. There is a difference I believe. And I did agree that it is wrong. Hence my rethorical question at the top.

Answer #90

As I said, the entire debate was about childeren having sex/intercourse, ( and pregnancy arising from unprotected sex results in childbirth)..then somehow it gets sidelined by adults ( married or not) having sex for pleasure as well as procreation,..ADULTS, we believe, an adult mind and body is mature enough to cope with any pregnancy resulting from the ‘pleasure’,..depending on how old we class a teenager these days, is a 13 year old a male/female a child.?,..or a teenager,.regardless of how mature a teenager thinks he/she is,.I don’t think any parent would be okay with the idea of thier son/daughter experimenting with sex whether for pleasure or procreation.

Answer #91

But it isn’t about whether or not sex results in pregnancy or not, that is my point. It is about children which should not have sex because they are not emotionally mature. And you are repeating my point exactly. Also it isn’t about the parents being ok with it or not, the point is that children are not emotionally ready for sex, whether there are consequences or not.

Answer #92

I am not repeating your point,.but the point I made 6 days ago,..before people started talking about adults having sex,..the point about ‘adults being ok with it ‘ as you say,.is for folks who think it’s okay for teenagers to have sex, but who would’nt be happy about thier OWN teenagers having sex. Enough said on the matter.

Answer #93

yes by law its true.

Answer #94

i think that its bullshit! i think kids over the age of 16 having sex is fine just jesus almighty use a condom or protection!

Answer #95

It’s much more acceptable to discuss teen pregnancies these days yes, because of the increase in this generation, so we’ve had to discuss it. Teenagers had sex yes, but for the majority of the population it was a taboo subject, spoke of in the same breath as marriage and children. We know the question was’nt about teenagers, but some people on here brought it into the debate, Some parents feel that thier 13-16 year olds are still children, and physically and mentally a lot of them still are. I’m sorry, but some teenagers refuse to listen to their parents worries /concerns/fears/advice,and go ahead anyway having sex and unplanned children, and this is sometimes called rebellious.

Answer #96

YAY!!!I gots(yes Gots) 5 likes!! :] Woot Woot

Answer #97

In America the legal age to have sex is 18 or over,but not many teens respect it.It’s the same in France(where i live) just it’s seen as pedophilia and one of the teens ends up in prison for -18s(generally the male).

Answer #98

hey guys saying “obviously” does not mean that she was being rude

Answer #99

um no its illegal to have sex with an 18 year old or older when you’re under 18

Answer #100

ok thats a way too accepting of child sex

Answer #101

ok but think about this if they find to 17 year olds having sex will they get arrested?

Answer #102


Answer #103

ok then why does it hurt when you break up with someone that had sex with that you never loved at all?

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