Is it true that playing piano makes your fingers skinnier and longer?

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I dont think so. It certainly isnt going to make them longer. I think people just associate long thin fingers with playing the piano.

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Thanks so a myth huh? thank you :)

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I think so - nothing will make your long bones grow any more and there arnt really any muscles in the fingers to tone. Its just advantageous for the piano because you can reach further. Not essential though.

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It's your basic bone structure, I don't think piano makes them longer or skinny. It makes them strong probably because you have to press some of the keys at a fast rate.

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No it's not true, I do know that it makes them more flexible and stuff, I know that it made mine flexible and also I was able to stretch them troughout the keys more, but other than that no.

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Ive played the piano for 7 years now, and my fingers are long and thin. I think playing the piano does have an effect on how your fingers appear just like doing curls has an effect on how your biceps appear, because it tones your finger muscles. But I dont think it would make your fingers longer.

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No, it can make your fingers be able to stretch a little wider apart from each other as you get more flexible, but nothing can change your bone structure. Long, thin fingers are just seen as the bst type for pianists to have as they can span the keys better and so should technically be better for playing.

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the problem though is that there are no major muscles in your fingers - just a few small ones. The fingers are mainly controlled by muscles in the forearm

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Yes, totally, but I still think it affects your fingers in some way, I have very long thin fingers and most of the pianists that I know do too, it could be a coincidence, but it seems like a large one.

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Idk, Probably not maybe stronger though. It most likely would be easier for a long figered person to play piano.

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