Is it true that if you get a nose piercing you can breath through it(if your nose is plugged)?

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The piercing doesn’t block the nostril. Once it’s in then breathing in & out of your nose is exactly the same as it was before you got the piercing. If the hole is large enough you might be able to feel some air but the hole is way too small, its about the size of pencil lead.

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Breathe through the little hole? No that's not true. When I first got my nose pierced about 4 years ago, the stud they used was a very thick stud and when I took it out there was a noticeably hollow hole- So, naturally, I jumped in the pool and tried squirting water out of it. It worked! But usually the hold will be too small for that to work. Now, the hole is a normal sized nose stud hole and it's so small that when I take out my stud, you can hardly notice the hole. You definitely cannot breathe out of it.

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Considering that if you have blocked sinuses, the problem is high up in the nasal cavity - not near the actual nostril, one can safely assume that this is a myth.

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