Is it true that listening to music while doing homework/school helps you remember things?

I can't remeber who told me this... I like doing it but I don't know if it helps or not.. - Katie :D

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Oh gosh not for me.
i end up singing to the music loudly and forget all about my homework >:D
but when im in my art class music actually helps me concentrate :]

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I can listen when I do most subjects, but NEVER will I EVER be able to listen to music and do any for of math >:l

Need thee music tah listen too

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depends on the person really....
as long as your brain becomes active it can suck up a lot of info...
then boredom kicks in and the gate closes again....
so if you like music a lot then itll work i guess :O

learn before going to bed, its also said that if you do this the brain will continue to digest all the information and you can remember things a bit better...

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Hmmm.. I should try that :D

Listening to music online

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It all depends for different people. If you sing along to songs when youre revising no.
If you put the revision into the melody e.g. 7 times 3 is 21 lalalala like that.

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I have to have the room quite the kids elsewhere, noise just distracts me.

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Actually...when I was in High School my cousins used to listen to CLASSICAL MUSIC or people like Mozart and stuff and according to the research "they carried out" it helps to stimulate the brain and control brain wave activity..

But then again we are all different ~ while some people study better with music others would prefer their "PEACE & QUIET"

Hope that helps..

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I should try that too....

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What's good for one is not good for all. The person that remembers while listening to music probably could do it without the music too. I used to listen to music while doing my homework simply because it was annoying to JUST do homework.

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wow, are u serious...math is the only real subject I could listen to music to, especially while doing problems like algebra...I spent all 10-12th grade doing algebra problems, pages & pages of problems with music or I would hv gttn bored out of my mind & quit.
It really motivated me.

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Music just distracts me from my math.. I have to have COMPLETE SILENCE otherwise I'll mix somthing up :P

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lol, it's ok...I say try what ever works for you. :)

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