Canine carry out treats, are they safe?

Has anyone given their dogs, Canine Carry Outs, made by Del Monte? A friend of mine, out of kindness, bought 3 bags for my dogs, and I don't know if they are safe, after all the recalls! I don't know, if I should go ahead and give them to my dogs OCCASIONALLY, or if I should just throw them out! What do you think I should do? Thanks!

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I refuse to give my dogs any treats that are made in China after the firstly, check to see if they are made in China.

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what I would do if I were u...look on the list of recalls...or there should be a toll free # you on the packages...maybe you can call them and ask them's better to be safe than sorry...JMO...dichihuahua

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This is a new one on me...I've never fed anything from Del Monte to my dogs...Check out the FDA site on dog treats and food...and see if they ever got on that list...You never know if something in it came from China.


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