What is trap music?

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music you listen to while selling your dope in da trap mostly southern rap, T.I., jezzy, lil webbie, bun b, etc -Urban Dictionary

Music northerners( Philly, NY) play to attract southern women to their hotel room/bedroom...Country tunes, southern (gold teef) rappers...ect...-Urban Dictionary

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trap music is basically music that solely details in the practice of selling dr.ugs. trap music is in the south. some artists that could fall under that category are ti, young jeezy, gucci . hope this helpss


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it not really music you listen while you selling dope -.-

trap house = d-rugs house

so yes it music about d-rugs guns, the hood ect.

rappers like T.I young jeezy, Gucci, waka flocka, Oj da juice mane, yo gotti is some trap rappers. ( lil wayne, new boyz soulja boy is not trap rappers)

Do you hate Techno music
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thanks for the answer

Music bruu??

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