What's a transmitter watch?

Can you talk to people who has it too?

Answer #1

A “… transmitter watch …” could refer to any of several things. . Which of these you might be referring to would depend on where you heard (or read of) the term, and the context in which your source of information was using the term. . Here are some possibilities: . (a) Miniature transmitter (usually referred to as a “bug” ) concealed in a wrist watch and typically used for covert surveillance. This sort of device has often been written about in fictional spy stories like “ The Man from Uncle” and “James Bond”, but also exist in real life for use in such applications as industrial espionage, or law enforcement e.g. in order to allow plain-clothes officers to infiltrate criminal gangs and obtain evidence of the planning or execution of crimes.
. (b) Wrist watch type of design (not necessarily operating as a functional watch), containing an mp3 player and miniature FM transmitter that can provide a wireless link - e.g. to an FM car radio, to allow the media content stored in the player to be heard at high volume by all the occupants of the car. A home Hi-Fi with built in FM broadcast receiver can also be tuned in to receive such a signal. . (c) A functional wrist watch with built in “emergency transmitter” designed to be used, typically by aircraft pilots, to use as an “emergency position indicating radio beacon” (EPIRB). They can be used to transmit a distress signal that can be used by rescue services (e.g. coastguard, lifeboats, military helicopter crew etc. ) to locate the position of the transmitter and any survivors: . http://funadvice.com/r/14qeltp45gv . None of the devices described above would allow “two-way” communication, however, such communication devices have been produced that enable either simplex or duplex communication over relatively short distances. However such devices would be called “transceivers” (contraction of “transmitter” and “receiver”) rather than just “transmitters”. .

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Answer #2

so transceivers are like talking watches?

Answer #3

A “TRANSCEIVER” is any piece of equipment that includes coordinated electronics to provide the dual function of both a TRANSmitter and a reCEIVER.

Transceivers include “Walkie-Talkies”; Mobile Phones and the fixed position cellular transceivers (typically installed on rooftop masts on public buildings) and various other things that you would rarely heard called transceivers (because they have more common names e.g. wireless “routers”, and radar qquipment.

Transceivers can in principle be designed to go into any type of “cabinet” or enclosure, including something that resembled a watch.

If somebody referred to a “talking watch”, I would assume it was neither a transmitter nor a receiver - thus definitely not a transceiver. Its function would typically be for use by visually impaired people who could not read an analogue or digital display.

A transceiver built into a watch would enable you to communicate with someone else who had a compatible device, which could also (but would not necessarily need to) be built into a similar watch.

Here is a link to a supplier and outline specification for such a Wrist Watch Walkie-Talkie:


– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #4

to keep you from blocking something

Answer #5

so people would know where you are incase you’ll get lost

Answer #6

From what I’ve heard there is no transmitter watch. You can buy watches that have additional transmitters. A transmitter is an electric device and with the help of an antenna, it produces radio waves. This is necessary for electrical devices that communicate by cell phones with radios, radios, computer networks and more. Some more high tech watches might have them. If so, they will be very expensive. Overall, a watch with a transmitter can communicate you with other devices.

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