How to put in a tragus stud?

I used to have a hoop in my tragus, I removed it because there was an infection wasn't getting any better. I brought an ear ring stud today and was able to put it in with ease but I can NOT get the back of the ear ring in behind my tragus. So am I supose to leave the back off when you put a stud or not? Cause I've tried so hard and I just can't get it in so I need help! Does anyone know anything about this please!!!

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can you not get the back in because of the infection?
or because you cant figure out how to do it?
if so take the stud out for a minute and practice with it
put the pointy bit through the small hole in the backing of the stud and push down
then pull the two pwieces to make them come apart again
if you need help just ask someone else to put it in for you
howevere it would be a goiod idea to put the ring back in
especially if theres an infection
the stud is more likly to prolong its healing time, the ring is easier and wont interfear much with its healing

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