Who are your top ten celebrity inspirations?

Which celebrities inspire you, they can be dead/alive

#1 Gordon Sumner (Sting) #2 Bob Geldof #3 Seve Ballesteros #4 Michael Douglas #5 Mariska Hargitay #6 George Clooney #7 Catherine Zeta Jones #8 Julia Roberts #9 Freddie Mercury #10 Jeremy Irons

Answer #1

Me, I don’t like celebrities one bit nor do I look up to any of them. I find that idolizing celebrities are a waste of time.

Answer #2

I get what you mean Janicee, but surely you must know not all celebrities are trash like the Jersey shore guys or the other ones, some of them are genuinely good people who actually contribute to charity etc

Answer #3

True, but I still don’t really find them inspiring. In my opinion, there are much more people who have contributed much more to the world and deserve more praise than most celebrities out there, but because they are well known, and famous, they get the praise and adoration whilst others are ignored.

Answer #4

Are we supposed to choose from the list provided??? i only 2 from the list as i dont follow celbs. but to answer ur question I get my inspiration from the Barca team, especially from Xavi and Messi.

Answer #5

No, you just put your own 10 down, the ones I put down are my ones

Answer #6

Hmm.. Non of them inspire me at all! :DD I do not look up to celebrities.. They just do what they can with what they have and we do the same.. (:

Answer #7

oh! sry i misread. but yeah, i don’t follow celebs that much but my top that i can think of are: Xavi, Barca team, Amir Khan, thats all i can think of ha ha.

Answer #8

I only got 6 celebrities I admire and always try to read as much books written about them as possible.. In no particular order :-) …(1) Bill Gates – he donates millions every year to charities…..(2) Warren Buffet – at a young age (primary and high school) he was already selling stuff and generate successful money-making ideas. I would love to work for this man as he is a self made billionaire with a good heart…..(3) Folks who work for RSPCA. Animals do not have a voice when their owners abuses them so RSPCA is the animals voice against cruelty inflicted onto them……(4) Nelson Mandela only last year I read about this great man and what he achieved for his country and the penality he faced. I’m hooked reading books on this gentleman and wish there were more men and women like him in this world….(5) Mother Teresa this woman is a saint, she spend all her living life helping the poor and those living in poverty and diseased…..(6) Barrack Obama, he was raised by his highly educated single mother and grandparents and was very poor growing up but made do with what he had, went to university, got a degree and now is the first American Africa President. This man has certainly opened the dream gates for everyone in America, no matter how poor you are or disadvantage in life, if you work hard you can reach your dreams.

Answer #9

they are cocky. so none for this guy.

Answer #10

Not all celebrities are wrong and I have several people I look up to. But my main one is Cheryl Cole! She’s pretty, rich and famous, what more could you want?! Then I’d say Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna because they are all amazing singers and all have extremely different personalites. Then I’d say, people like Diversity, JLS and One Direction because they’ve come so far in life and are genuine people who didn’t think their biggest dreams were possible. Erm that’s way over 10 with the groups aha but still.. Then, Jackie Chan, I love his films and he would actually be the coolest daddy ever! :) I also admire Michael Caine as my Auntie was in a film with him when she was younger and he was a really nice man. I can’t really think of anybody else who I look upto, I mainly only have one idol which is Cheryl Cole but these are the people who I think have done well in life and I genuinely like as a person. Erm, I don’t really see any point in admiring people like Katie Price aka Jordan because she’s just famous because of her boobs, without them she would probably still be on the shelf in Asda hahaaa!

Answer #11

I only have 7 :);

1 - Amy Lee who doesn’t feel the need to strip for the public to get attention or sell albums and her vocal abilities give me shivers :3 2 - Lady Gaga, she stands up for so many human and gay rights and gave so much to Japan. Her voice live is amazing. 3 - Gerard Way who always reminds people at MCR show to get help if you are depressed or feel the need to cut. He also makes sure that the audience looks out for each other. 4 - Biff Naked who had such a bad background with her being fostered and dumped all the time as a kid and battling cancer and still holding up her career because she loves singing. I find that just inspiring. 5 - Mark Crilley, a manga artist whose art skills will always be the best 6 - The Beatles, all four. Because they are the Beatles. 7 - Gerald Gardene for bringing wicca to light

Some aren’t celebrities but meh :D

Answer #12

James Franco Brandon Boyd Rick Mora Shia Labeouff Lance Gross Desmond Harrington Matthew Fox Prince Harry Orlando Bloom Jake Gyllenhall

And by “inspire” I mean “totally wanna bang”.

Answer #13


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