Too nervous to race before swimming events, ideas to calm down?

Im a competitive swimmer and I get really nervous before my best events. I get so nervous that I dont always do goood. I know its all in my head but I need to find a way to relax and not think about my race.

Does anyone have any ideas that can help me?

Answer #1

You’re focusing on negative thoughts - see yourself touching that wall before everyone else - you can do it, picture it in your minds eye !!…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

Just go in there and be conceded. Be Cocky.

Say. I feel sorry for lane 5(example). because im gonna beat them soo bad. Or that you have done this so much. Just believe in yourself. and Even try to be really Cocky.( but only to yourself not to others because it tends to piss other people off)

Answer #3

I used to do swim team in the summer just listen to pumping music and dont watch the racers before yo make sure your warmed up and breath deep breaths it really works

Answer #4

Performance anxiety can really be a problem for competitors.

When I was a musician I had to deal with a lot of anxiety before auditions.

For me experience, meditation, and biofeedback helped.

Pre-competition nerves can actually help you perform better. Some of my best auitions were when I was the most nervous but also some of my worst. The adrenaline can really give you a boost. You need to learn to rise to the occasion rather than be defeated by it. Easier said than done but it’s something to work toward.

Answer #5

im about to swim in the chanpionships for my swim team. I’m really nervous that I’am going to let the people on my team down because I ususally swim relays. I ‘am always SO nervous when the official says “Quit for the start please” and the whole place goes quit and stares at you. Then he says “Okay ladies, step up.” then “Take your mark…GO!” And then everyone screams and says come on! come on! SWIM! SWIM! and you always get so nervous. I always think of my puppy, Tannin, is at the end of the pool, drowning. I know thats not the best thought but it always help me go faster and save him!

Answer #6

Think positive thoughts and breathe I dont really know but thats what I could think of.

Answer #7

I actually have the same problem I swim competitivly too and well my nerves… oh god my nerves lol im usally takin in deep breaths with my eyes closed on counts of ten and then I open and drink a sip of water and repeat a couple times. but watever you do, dont ever drink a starbucks drink right before lol it happened to my friend once. after the warm ups, she got out of the pool and stayed inside the bathroom for a looong time lol but yea. just relax lol

for me whenever I swam at practices I always I mean always beat everyone else because I knew there was never any pressure so I was always relaxing and my eyes were cosed but when I swam omg my eyes were open and I panic I mean I lose my breath easier and I cant concentrate on going straight, one time I blacked out during a race… I didnt tell anyone but I knew I lost the race lol but thats one of my bad stories lol … sigh this just kinda dragged on didnt it.. well hope this makes helps for when you compete

Answer #8

You have to relaxed yourself when taking a race, if you are really competitive you have to believe into yourself that you can, I know you have more friends who are very supportive in your careers. For me, my strengths come from them. You have to take it easy, its only a game, and in every game there is always a winner and a loser, if you become a loser,you have to be sports. Accept that you have defeated and learn from your mistakes.

Were the same, when I played chess(in competition) I feel very bad playing because am too nervous but it doesn’t saw because I only sit and it seems I am relaxed. I know it is different from your line of sports.:)

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