Tongue piercing ripped :o

I got my tongue done about a month ago
but its ripped a bit like only a few mm's or so. but its made a dent in my tongue and my piercing has gone into it (its not stuck or as gross as it sounds and its defo not infected)
I asked my piercer yesterday ifd the rip would go but he was vague and unhelpful haha. do any of you have any experince in this and will it heal? how long did yours take if so?

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Like Ichibanarky says it depends on the size. I know someone who has a permanent rip in there tongue so be warned it may not heal. That's the problem with tongue piercings- they're probably, health wise, the worse type of piercing to get.

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well just be careful not to let it rip any further. maybe get a piercing that weighs less while you're trying to fix the rip.

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urmmm no it doesnt ... how would you know youve never had it done. I look after it and clean it very well, its got a rip in it not caused by mistreatment. I like it so im not going to take it out

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I have never had my tounge done, but my advice would be to just take out the piercing and don't get your tongue pierced because that is disgusting and gross. Food can get stuck and cause bacteria in your mouth, plus that cut will probably get infection...:(

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Depending on how big the tear is, it may never close up fully, which means you'll either have to remove the piercing, let it heal and get it done again, or you'll have to use a larger ball size that won't go through the hole.

If it's only a small tear, then get a larger ball for the time being until the tear heals. The important thing is that you don't play with it while it heals, since that will cause the tear to remain open.

And yes, I had my tongue pierced 8 years ago.

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thank youuu :)

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well worst case scenario... you get a forked tongue... that could be cool.

the tongue heals pretty fast because it's a muscle and not a bone or your skin. But if your piercing keeps moving into it, it will probably not shrink back down.

and I guess if you definitely want to prevent that, you will have to take your piercing out and let the whole thing heal and have it done again.

it's really up to you.

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urm okay then :S I was just kinda looking for people who have had there tongue done sorry

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I have no clue never had my tongue pierced so I cant help on that but anything else I can

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U no if u have no help do not come!!

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