Tongue piercing

K I want to get my tongue pierced What are the pros and cons?

Answer #1

All these people talk about so many cons.. When really only the the tiniest minority of people ever get speech or any other kind of long term problems. I, myself have had a tounge piercing for over 2 years now and a lot of my friends have it too! It is the quickest healing piercing and the least painful I would say.. you always think that it’s going to hurt a lot more than it actually does. Yes it swells up for a little while, you have a lisp for a couple of days and you have some trouble eating certain foods but it takes no longer than a week and a half at the most for it to properly heel. As for those people who say that it’s trashy or whatever.. get a grip. If you’re going to judge a person by a piercing then you’re shallow people. I only got my piercing just because I wanted one and I was just experimenting. I definatelly recommend it! Enjoy :)

Answer #2

pros if you like it or think its looks nice oral sex could be a plus

cons can get infected if not done right can paralize the tounge inexpeirienced peircer could also do it crooked could get caught on something/get ripped out you should get familys consent first if our school has a dress code they wont allow it you need to be at least 16 to get it done without a parent to consent to it if you decide to take it out later on youll be left with a small scar takes a week or so to get used to

…yeah…apart from sitting there and looking pretty there isnt much else that peircings do so have a good think about this if you want one dont get it to be “cool” or because everyone else has one make sure you want this

Answer #3

If you are into oral sex, go for it. I love the feel of a bar-bell on the underside of my c**k. That’s what the “appliance” is for. You will be very popular with the boys, and recognized as a girl who is into giving head.

As a caution, an employee/friend of mine had her tongue pierced. The piercing became infected and lead to a brain abcess. My friend is now partially paralyzed and has trouble with her speech.

It’s up to you.

Answer #4

I simple heard it hurts like a mother f*cker. and can get infected easily. =][=

Answer #5

and I wouldnt advise you go out giving people head and be recognised for something like that as thebruteman has said

Answer #6

I’m going to give it to you straight as I have one.

Pros: Makes you seem more confident Tests your pain tolerance Looks nice sometimes - on others it doesn’t Pleases the other half when performing oral sex

There aren’t really many pros because there is no reason for them to be there in the first place. I would argue against that because I have one but my opinions are my own. I have one because I have low self esteem and it has improved it so much.

Cons: Temporary: Slight swelling after being pierced - this is natural Can’t eat solids for 2 or 3 days (doesn’t apply to all people) Pain few hours after pierced Your speech will slur slightly as it is swollen

Cons: Permament: Speech deformity - you may lisp or slur because a nerve has been struck Infections if it is not kept clean. This will poison the blood. Cracked teeth is your bar is constantly banging against them or is bit too hard Pulled out by forks when eating Paralysis due to striking a nerve - remember the tongue is a major muscle Crookedness - a piercer MUST always show you a pen mark on your tongue so that you are happy where it will be *Death… if the piercer strikes a blood vessel/artery/vein you could bleed to death in a matter of minutes.

As you can see there are a lot more cons than there are pros. Please, please pleaseee check that the piercer is qualified, the shop holds a license and that all the utensils are clean!!! Ask them how they will do and what they will say/do. This is their job to tell you. Ask them about after affects and cleaning.

Always clean with non alcoholic mouthwash - you could with alcohol mouthwash but its cleaner to without the alcohol.

No performing oral sex or smoking or drinking for about a month or two after the piercing. I would advise you to suck on ice poles while the swelling is up. In about 2 days after the piercing try to eat a thin pizza - that is the best kind of food to eat while it is still tender.

Answer #7

I recently just got my pierced a month ago. it wasnt that bad as people made it sound1 I love it especially when I play with it, well it gets boring unless your ready for action…at first I was worried about people impressions den I finally just said f*ck em, im gon do what I want im 18 so what does it matter… but I effin love my tongue RING!!

Answer #8

well the pros are that it does look nice and thats all I noe w/ the pros…my mom works w/ dentist and they say people shouldnt get tounge piercings because it really damages the teeth to the point where it can wear the tooth down…I dont know about you but that def. stopped me from thinking about getting one I would rather have my teeth then have a pretty tongue piercing I don’t know also there are things about not being able to fully talk the way you used to…like getting a lisp if you really didnt have one before..also another con it will hurt thats all I know

Answer #9

There are more reasons behind getting a tongue piercing than sexual pleasure. To each his/her own, but you can’t be caught up on the hype or negativity about it. Every experience is truly different so no one can tell you how you’d feel when getting it. My experience wasn’t as painful as most would have described it & I had gotten a tattoo minutes before getting my tongue pierced. In fact, the tattoo & piercing I got that day were my first. The most painful part to me was the clamp he gripped my tongue with. Afterward there was slight discomfort at the bottom of my mouth because the piercing’s ring was rubbing. After a week and a half everything was well. I talk the same & feel the same. I can’t promise you you’ll feel as I did because you’ll have to experience it yourself to know. If you want it that bad, get it. It’s not like it’s permanent, of it’s too much to handle then take it out & keep rolling. Mouth wash is the key. Use it faithfully. Carry it with you & be sure to rinse after every meal & whenever you feel the initial discomfort.

As far as the dental thing… Besides the fact that there are times when you will accidently bite down on the ring (after experience, you won’t do it again as much) while eating and chipping a tooth, there’s nothing I know of that causes harm to your teeth. No one I know has chipped a tooth or had dental issues. Unless you repeatedly rubbed your piercing against your teeth & gums, there shouldn’t be an issue with having it.

Answer #10

I got mine done and didn’t have a lisp, I ate subway right freaked me out at frst cause I thought I was eating the end of it…it does suck when you get sick and throw up or have mucus come up. I got sick so I took it out. But 6 months later I re-pierced it…actually I just put it back in..I don’t recomend this for everyone…but I didnt cause any pain for me. Then clamp was the worse part..and the hype. I used salt water and mouth wash a lot. no infection no teeth problems…no cavities even. Plus my husband LOVES it…its great for oral…hell…even just kissing its nice…its totally up to you though. If your job/boss doesn’t like it..they make spacers that you can’t even tell you have a piercing. Good luck.

Answer #11

Hey, I just got my tongue pierced and I honestly freakin love it. So do the guys I casually date. The first day wasn’t that bad. your so excited about getting it done you dont think about it. The next few dayz however suck BIG time. It took me like four days to be able to eat with out stressing to much. STAY away from acidic food and make sure you keep it clean. Heres what I did to keep it clean -get a half a teaspoon (yes a half) of sea salt and a 8 ounce bottle of water.(has to be bottled) mix it and take it everywhere with you. rince after anything that goes in your mouth. ANYTHING. -also get a alcohol free mouth wash (or listerine mixed 50/50 with a bottle of water {which you can carry around with you as well}) and rinse in the morning after every major meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner) and before you go to bed. Remember. It is going to hurt a lot the next few days after the piercing so if your tongue gets raw or it hurts to move your tongue than know that it is all normal. I would recommend getting it because I honestly loove it. I just wish my boyfriend would get it. lol.. -Christina

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