Tongue or Lip piercing?

I either want my tongue pierced oe my lip pierced.. But the thing is my mom CANT find out!!

Answer #1

this is for the guy who said “tounge piercing if you’re cool and lip piercing if you’re goth” you dont need to be a goth to have you’re lip pierced :S there are plenty of people that arnt goth and have facial piercings wtf is wrong with you?

Answer #2

get tongue. I qot my tongue pierced behind my moms back. she still doesnt know. its way easier to hide

Answer #3

to be honest with you I wanted to get my tongue pierced but my prob was my mom too…so I just figured im going to go for it than I was thinkin ill get the bottom of my tongue pierced (the web) and I’ve’e had it since nov. 4th and my mom still hasn’t found out which is great sometimes I even forget I have it lolget your web done it harmless and noone will even notice it unless you show them

Answer #4

Well since you don’t want your mom to see it, you should get a tongue piercing. But there are tons of things that can go wrong there. Like it getting infected, it causing a hole to form on your tongue, etc. That’s what my orthodontist said and you can just visit your dentist for information on tongue piercings and things like that, they’ll gladly help. But know that your mom WILL eventually find out that you got it done because it might affect the way you talk for a few days because your mouth isn’t used to it yet, and remember: DON’T DRINK ORANGE JUICE WHEN YOU HAVE IT PIERCED! (:

Answer #5

snake bights :]

Answer #6

I agree with the first guy. I would go with lip because im goth, but that sounds strange because my pic. of a chick. if you dont want anyone to notice do your tounge.

Answer #7

Your situation is tricky. I’d opt for the toungue ring however. The lip ring, she would have to find out. I mean, come on man, its right there on your face. The tongue ring? Nope. Just don’t talk with your mouth open very wide. In fact, I’d practice for a couple days walking around the house talking like that, see if your mom makes any remarks about it, and then, if the coast is clear; get your tongue pierced. I know of some great places notorious for their piercings; 25$ per piercing and not one of mine has gotten infected, I have ten and one tattoo. Try to find a respectable place. And after the initial healing (6 weeks) for a tongue ring, once you have been told by a professional that you can switch rings, I’d get a rubber ball so that it causes no damage towards the teeth or gums, as it is softer. I’m sure the lovely smart dentist above would agree with me?

Also, besides the sneaky factor and medical aspects of a tongue ring, it looks totally awesome and also feminine at the same time. As well, the lip ring is 4 x more painful and looks not half as good.

Hope you make a good decision :]

Answer #8

Hi, I am a dental assistant, and from the medical stand point this is why you should not get your tongue pierced. I work in pediatric / orthodonic, and I am starting to see the reprocussions of tongue piercings.


Dental News 17.09.2007 IDA warns against oral piercings Author: JH/DTA

Photo: DTI

The Irish Dental Association (IDA) is warning that lip and tongue piercings can lead to serious dental and health problems, including fatal heart infections. The warning comes nearly a year after a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association about an 18-year-old Italian woman who developed trigeminal neuralgia, an excruciatingly painful condition, because of having her tongue pierced. “Rebellious young Irish holidaymakers, concertgoers and college freshers who get their tongue, lip or mouth pierced are unwittingly putting their lives at risk,” the IDA warns in a statement issued on September 10. The IDA cautions that its members are seeing a large increase in young patients seeking help for damage caused by piercings. In recent years, members of the organisation have noted a sharp increase in cases between September and December, coinciding with young people entering college. Although Ireland has not yet documented any cases of infective endocarditis caused by oral piercings, the number of cases reported in medical and dental journals throughout the world is rising. Dr Kevin Ooyle of IDA warns that because of the increasing popularity of oral piercings in Ireland, it is only a matter of time before piercings cause serious illnesses and fatalities. Symptoms of endocarditis include fevers, night sweats and general ill health for weeks or months. Treatment usually requires large doses of antibiotics or even heart surgery.

Not only that, but from the piercing hitting your teeth all the time, there are many people coming in with broken and cracked teeth and the wearing down of gum tissue behind the front anterior teeth causing exposure to the roots of the teeth behind the front of teeth.It you must have your tongue pierced use the plastic ball instead of the metal.

I know people who have it will disagree, but I can only tell you what I am seeing at work.

Answer #9

If you’re trying to hide it from your mom, I’d get the tongue done, but most likely she’s going to find out anyway.

Answer #10

tongue piercing if your cool lip peircing if your goth

Answer #11

you cant hide your face from youtr mum forever weather you like it or not she will eventually find out, id say within a week just wit a few more years or discuss it with her, and get her opinions on it dont get anything to be “cool” everything cool isnt the next week so theres no point make sure its something you actually want and lip peircings arnt just for goths, there for everyone who wants them

Answer #12

I say neither bc your mom is going to find out either way!!! just wate until your like 16.. its already great that you have your bellybutton pierced and your only 13; but just wait bc that is way to big of a deal to pierce either of those at such a young age! o yea and I but I heard that tounge piercing dont hurt.

Answer #13

I gt my tongue pierced on thursday and evn thou I cnt speak properly no1 has figured it out so I say tongue you cn hide it easily der is no way you cn hide lip piercin because when its healin you cnt hide it so GO 4 TONGUE PIERCIN

Answer #14

I will get my lip piercing done… soon as I will graduate this march… excited… do you know tom delonge of blink182?..he has a lip piercing..and I dolized him soo much! …

Answer #15

try to find a time when your mom is happy and ask her. try to bribe her or something. but if you get your ears peirced then it will be better to hide.

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