Answer #1

Okay, First of all, I have yet another reason to be thankful to be an American, and I will leave Turkey for last on my travel plans.

My paternal grandfather used corn cobs to clean himself. The “bad business” was done out by the barn, and he used the corn cobs left from canning corn. (Early effort to recycle, I suppose.) When he had used them once, he threw them in a pile. If he ran out of new ones, he simply started over on the old ones again.

We are so blessed that we have no idea how to be grateful for what we have.

I hope your question was a joke. If not, I’m sorry, and good luck. If your finances allow, I would look for other ways to cut back. Toilet paper is probably not the best place to start. Go to the library and check out Dave Ramsey’s books. I’m pretty sure he can give you some better ideas.

Answer #2

u buy it from da store, then put it on the pole thingy.. then u wipe your a*s with it, den u get more.. lol.

Answer #3

Are we all wrong? Are you wanting a replacement for toilet tissue like maybe paper towels, paper napkins, and old rag or what?

Answer #4

Buy some at the store!

Answer #5

I have used a Turkish toilet and was not impressed. Either you have to take your trousers right off, and then there is nowhere to put them and all the money falls out of your pocket, or you have to get them down to your ankles and lean back hard (to avoid pissing in them) so you have to hang on to something. But there is only the door handle and the door opens inwards, so you have to jam your feet against it, so you are just hanging on your arms and defecating. Not easy.

Afterwards you then have to use your left hand, dipping it time after time in the same can of water that you know other people have used.

My advice is, train yourself to go immediately you wake up then have a shower or a bidet and put the whole messy business out of your mind and get back to civilazation as fast as you can.

Answer #6

use money (; $$

Answer #7

i think you should be more spacific because your question can mean 1 of 2 things # 1 you dont know how to replace the toilet paper when it runs out or #2 you dont want to use toilet paper anymore and you want something else to use ill answer both questions for you 1} when it gets to the cartboard tube you wanna throw that away and get a new roll and slide the metal/plastic bar into the opening in the toilet paper then grab the the ends of the bar and put it in the grooves on the mount that is connected to the wall. 2} now another alternative to toilet paper is wet wipes you can get them at any drug/grocery store they come in a small box i actually think there way better the paper it really cleans you and leaves you smelling fresh ..miss v

Answer #8

gum leaves!!

Answer #9

Its a new thing!! its called money!! lol u buy some more

Answer #10

Ever thought of a bidet?

Answer #11

In the olden days they use to use catalogs to wipe. The paper was slick and would just slide the “crap” or fecal matter right off. Are you saying you don’t know how to change a roll of toilet paper or else you don’t know where to get it when you run out?

Answer #12

When the toilet paer is out use the roll it comes on. it’s never been touched and works

Answer #13


I was shocked when I arrived in Turkey to discover a hole new way to wipe oneself after defacating: LEFT HAND AND WATER. Country places had TURKISH TOILETS which I will describe like this: imagine a white porcelain square sink .. shallow, about 3” deep .. buried in the soil or floor of the privy; two white porcelain footprints rise up out of the the middle of the sink.

TO USE this toilet, first you turn around and step each foot onto each of the two footprints; then undress down to the ankles; then squat. The “sink” drain will be wide and right under your tusch. Now sh*t. When you finish you will find access to water (either a spicket or a canfull) right beside you on the floor. You will rinse yourself continuously, using only your LEFT HAND, until you are perfectly clean. Then you wash your left hand, stand, dress, and you’re done.

HIGH CLASS HOMES had regular toilet bowls and seats to sit on like us, BUT, on the wall there is a spicket which you turn after you’re done defacating. A little copper tube, which runs from the plumbing line and is aimed right at your anus, suddenly shoots a strong stream of cold water up at you. Giggles. Screams. Relief.

It’s a habit hard to kick because you feel and smell so very clean your own dog won’t recognize you.

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