To Kill A MockingBird

Need lots of help with the book “to kill a mocking bird” and I have to write an essay on why the book is so important to american history, I need some help plzplzplz, I have writers block and at the moment it appears that im screwed!

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worst book I’ve ever read

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It’s funny how a book can bring back memories…I was just reading the answers to your question, and remember the book, how I felt about it, how I LOVED that book!!…I was 15 when we had to read it for a class…that’s 42 years ago…and I still remember it today.


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I did an intensive study on that book two years ago and I love it! (I’m kind of a book nerd) anyway it’s pretty much like a good and evil having to be dealt with because they both exist in our world. there’s racism which would be evil, obviously and then there’s innocense, especially in scout. hopefully that should ring a few bells for you and get you going. good luck.

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Hi camdufour, You may like to get hold of a copy of the movie.

You should be able to pick it up quite cheaply on Amazon or E Bay as a used DVD.

The novel and the movie are both excellent. However, you should just use the movie to supplement your reading of the novel.

Remember, the movie is just one persons interpretation of the novel and when you read it, yours will be slightly different again.

Good luck with your project and just to remind you, we can allow your question as you have worded it and the answers on directly asking for someone to do all the work for them or if a response actually tries to do this.

If it goes down these lines, unfortunately, this question will be locked.

Good luck with your project, if you keep an open mind I think you may well find this book/movie far more interesting that you were maybe expecting it to be. I certainly did.

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It tells of how it really was back then, it sets a mood and really lets people see how rasism was a real thing but also how some people were very much against it. It shows the hardships of a family the rough life some of them had to endure back then. Its like a window into the past. Hope that kinda helps!

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That was a wonderful book dealing with rascism in past American history when black people who were enslaved and brought to America were looked down upon and people preached upon them as ‘not like us white people’ and they were thought even lesser than slaves or dumb animals and there was a TON of rascism amongst the whites against the poor blacks at that time.

 This book speaks against the injustice that the whites brought upon the blacks and when they were not allowed to have decent jobs or be given a proper trial or given no rights at all.Those were terrible times for bblacks and colored people because the whites made it harder for them to endure their lives on earth there.
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omg we are going to start reading that book at school next week!!!

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Sorry, I forgot…

You may find the customer reviews for this book at this link helpful:…

One of the more tongue-in-cheek comments includes the advice, ‘Don’t ever use this book for speed reading class’.

having read the book I would suspect this is to imply that it is not a book you can easily skip through without missing an integral part of the story.

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