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k I have been playing World of Warcraft for many of years… I have traded accounts with this kid that I new from playing… after trading accounts I lvled a 42 druid on his account ( mine at that moment) the next day I went to play on him again and someone had changed the password and I couldn’t get it back because I don’t know his e-mail or anything.. but I finally gotten my old account back and my warrior that I traded had full Season 3 arena gear.. but there was a reason why I traded him.. I was bored of him no matter what his gear was… I find the game boring now since I lost my druid.. and I am to lazy to get another druid to a high lvl… just seems that the game is boring to me these days.. so my question is what is a good class that is FUN to play so that I will be willing to have it reach a high lvl again?

Answer #1

Ok, I just started a Shammy and I am impressed. Ghost Wolf at level 20 and leveling with enhancement spec is super easy. I have mine with some healing gear to heal instances my level a well as do some pretty sick DPS. No Druid forms, but tons of totem options and pretty easy quest start near Exodar. I leveled to around 14 or 15 in the Draenai starting area then moved on to Stormwind so I could do Deadmines to try to get Smite’s Hammer (which you can wear till near lvl 30 easy). I plan on leveling my shammy to 70 fast and making him Resto. If you are horde, then it is the same deal, just Tauren instead of Draenai.

I have a 70 rogue that is a PvP gem to have, as well as great fun for taunting Noobs in Horde territory. He still needs all his Vengeful gear, but with 7400 pvp kills you can imagine that I have beaten plenty of players who have outgeared me. Rogues level fast and can stealth like your druid into areas to finish quests faster. I have duel gladiator swords now with mongoose on them, but I am thinking on either getting a blinkstrike or running SSC to get the Talon Blade there.

Rogues might bore you too though. I would really suggest either a Shaman or Druid just to give yourself the options to DPS, or Heal, or do sick spell dmg. You won’t get all the thrill of tanking as a Shammy, but most don’t mind that.

Answer #2

hunters are fun because they got pets traps and they use bows rouges are decent because it takes time and skill to use them mages are decent because they can cast spells buff and make food and drink but it just depends on how you like to play if you liked to warroir try hunter or all 3

Answer #3

Mage would be my advice..

very easy to level if you go frost.. loads of fun spells, like blink and slow fall so you can jump off cliffs and float with ease.. gets away from enemies too.. and they can open Portals to any capital city, depending on your faction. They do great damage and are brilliant for harvesting money and questing, and are good in PVP, depending if your fire, arcane or frost.. or a mix of any..

The main downfalls to a mage is that,.. they are cloth users and cant take great damage, or weild a huge amount of weapons either.. but have spells to help keep them alive.. and they can get easily beaten in fights if you dont know how to play them right.. theres a music video on youtube called “this is the world of warcraft that you play” which is a weird song, but it actually sums up each class accuratley lol good luck

Answer #4

Quit dude. Best advice I can give. I used to play and I never thought of quitting and then I ran out of money and it was crazy, my grades improved, I had time to do things, I felt better, I looked better, if your bored then quit.

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