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Only if you suck...

My blood

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I'm not sure they exist...

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Ok jazlovestoskate do you go on everyone of the vampire things on here and tell people that vampires don't exist? And how would you know they don't exist? Have you talked to every person on the planet and asked them if they are vampires? And how would you know they rnt lieing to u? Shut up and mind yr own buisness! Let people believe what they want! As for ang245's question that's going to be very hard to do. First you are going to have find a vampire. The best way to do that is to go into a medow or field as soon as the sun comes up or just as the sun goes down. This is best because you can still see but vampires love running around in the dark( ignore the rumores about vampires not being able to go out in sunlight. This is a myth created from vampires perfering not to go out in the day because it weakens there powers. Telepathy, strength, ex.) another place to find vampires is in underground bars or clubs. Look for clubs with roses daisys or irises in there names. Then once I've found a vampire you are going to have to talk them into doing a blood exchange with you which is going to b hard because in there world it is illegal to made a vampire with out permission from the council. And the council is going to want more of a reason than a human just wanting to change. If you have anymore questions don't b afaid to ask.

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okay blackroseblood is a complete psychopath. no offense but yes you guys do need therapy. except for all of those in favor of jazlovestoskate. this person know's what they're talking about. with all the background history and everything.

then again... to answer this question I guess I'd have to say that there are a lot of things we don't know about. some things might be real but the chances of blood sucking feinds OF NATURE! is just so slim. and I sincerely doubt that they are real.

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I'll bite you...

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***Ok jazlovestoskate do you go on everyone of the vampire things on here and tell people that vampires don't exist?***

They are FICTIONAL...there's something wrong with your perception of reality.

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Blackroseblood, you seem to know what you are talking about, and you seem to be willing to give information. How do you know this?

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lolz :) I wanna be one lol btw yes Strangerz was right dont relate lestat to edward!! lestat is sooo better than edward!!! omg lol

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It really depends if you actually beleive in them
but in my opinion NO you cant but I could be rong so don't get mad
just beleive in your self and who knos it might just happen

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they exist believe me. if you want to start of as a vampire. you first need a biting fetish. than you need to have been inlove and have your heart crushed. then just wait for someone to bite you.

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...Wow. So your telling this poor naive guy vampires are real, To get in love with someone, have someone MURDER HIM BY HIS ORDERS, Then bite them again... Wow... Thats plain wrong.

Vampires are not real, Twilight is brainwashing for people, The end

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DO NOT relate vampires to twilight.
Lestat is a vampire.
Edward ISN'T.

The End.
and unfortunately vampires dont exist.
id let lestat bite me anytime ;D

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I think its about time you wake up
because they dont exist and never have
a few hundred years ago there were people who went around killing people and drinking there blood
either straight from there body or from a cup
they usually mutilated and cut up the corpses as well
and did other things to them,
those people were consdered vampires
nowdays the media has made up a bunch of bullsh*t to make them more appealing to both older people and teenage kids who latch on to anything thats seems "cool" or "hot" looking
so they made up crap like
they turn into a bat
wear a cape
hate sunlight
have fangs
bite you on the neck
sleep all day
come out at night
can fly
are all "gothic" looking
and now even more stupid things like
they change there eye colour
and have super speed, super strength and can climb trees
these are all things that little girls and boys will love, especially if theres a "hot" guy in it they can all obsess over and want to date/have sex with
nowdays though there still are some delusional people who kill other people and drink there blood, or kids who drink there own blood
there are also vampire cults were idiot and uneducated kids drink each others blood, there own blood and re-use razorblades to cut themselves. they also do things like avoid sunlight, sleep all day, ect
bottom line though, they dont exist and never have
delusional and sick people act like what the media protrays as them
and a lot of delusional kids become so obsessed they think/beleive there real

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