To all those who said drugs were good!

What makes them so good? Forgetting what happened? Being lost in a different world? I would like to know. And why do you call it good? cause I’m trying to understand.

Answer #1

wait, I’m going to say one last thing… even if it can make you feel and act good, did you know it can make you abusive? and if not at first, it even can later. that’s why many are mentally affected who DON’T do drugs. and that’s what’s sad about today. :(

Answer #2

No it doesn’t.

Ignorant means that you are unaware of certain facts.

Stupid means that you are unintelligent.

Answer #3

So far you have proved yourself not only to be stupid, but ignorant too.

if I must point this out, I think you messed up on your argument right there. ignorant and stupid means the same thing..

Answer #4

yes, but no one has told me what’s so good about it. have you also noticed that? they just say what an idiot I am and how little I know, but since I have no answers on what makes it so good (and that was the only question), it tells me a whole lot and I see a lot of people don’t use their brains.

Answer #5

I would also like to point out that just because you want to be doctor doesn’t mean you are a doctor.

Answer #6

they aren’t, because it’s not tearing up their bodies for the most part, but they don’t allow themselves to function without it. they simply just don’t want to.

Answer #7

Well if you actually want peoples opinions you shouldn’t phrase your questions in a way that basically states there opinions are inferrior to yours. Your prejudice on this topic defeats the purpose of this discuss.

Answer #8

yahh dudee dont tell her too try ‘em those things can kill a sista!! lmaoo! insiderr:] okay sorrry but your stupid fur tellin her too try them janetrenodanceparty!!!

Answer #9

Ahh see now I understand you are basising all this anti-drug stuff on personal experiance rather than actual facts. You are allowing yourself to get too emotionally involved which is why your judgement is clouded. Is someone who is hooked on prescription drugs any less of an addict than those that use it for recreational use? Or think about it like this there are many people that “can’t” function with a cup of coffee in the mornings are they druggies too?

Answer #10

Hah. We win.

Answer #11

really? I thought I did know quite a few stuff “medically” I guess you know me better than I do :)

Answer #12

it’s harder and takes longer, that’s why I said “for the most part”

Answer #13

I am not trying to make a fool out of anyone.

Answer #14

It depends on the drug you take and what you want from it. Each person responds differently. I see no reason to deny myself something I enjoy.

Answer #15

To be honest, darling, I think I do have a greater knowledge on medicine than you do. So far you have proved yourself not only to be stupid, but ignorant too.

Answer #16

the type of doctor I want to be should not allow people to know. I think I’m done for know. everyone can know. it’s just fine. people who can’t handle others opinions seems to be trying to make a fool out of me :) when really they’re not.

Answer #17

But you don’t have any medical experience and clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and so you lose any right to “practise”. You have no knowledge medically and/or personally regarding drugs and therefore should not comment on other peoples use of substances until you know what you are aware of all the facts.

Answer #18

You will never understand unless you experience it. It’s like trying to describe an orgasm. And as you’re too closed-minded to even contemplate the thought of trying drugs, I won’t bother.

Answer #19

You can’t understand unless you try. You might not like them at all, you might love them, there’s only one way to find out.

Answer #20

Not everybody that takes drugs are addicts.

Answer #21

changing my arguement? I don’t think you read all the things I’ve said on this page.

Answer #22

Actually ignorant means lacking in knowlege where as stupid means lack of intellect there is quite a difference as you can be intelligent but ignorant. You may as a general rule be quite a smart person but unaware of certain things in a certain subject so although effectly they have simmilar meanings they can both be used as seperate insults.

Answer #23

I like how you address the only things in my argument that you can argue with. Ignoring what you or I or Loshmo have experienced, based on scientific facts can you actually prove that drugs are a bad thing? Because so far you have come far from proving this point.

Answer #24

yes, but if I want to, I should practice while I’m young. I should know the minds of people that I do and don’t know. it’ll only help me in the future.

Answer #25

Okay then, I’ll pick LSD.

You don’t have a hangover the next day.

You can’t get a “bad batch” of LSD.

It’s very hard to overdose on.

It is widely reported by the scientific community to increase creativity and the user’s ability to see the truth around them.

It was studied in the 1960s to see if it could help cure chronic pain which cancer patients experience in their last months and was found to be as effective as typical treatments and longer lasting.

Answer #26

Haha we said the same thing Sarah my dear anyway to answer your “question”

There are far too many drugs in the world I can only really speak of the highs of the ones I know from personal experiance which are are LSD and cannabis. LSD transports you to another world and it really helps you realise things. It expands your mind and feels good. Where as cannabis makes everything feel lovely. Just calm and content and happy.

I’m not saying happiness can only be found through a bong I’m merely saying I see no point in denying myself something that makes me happy just because some people don’t see it as acceptable.

Answer #27

any drug. pick one!! tell me what it is, and the goods of taking it and I won’t say another word in this conversation!! ^_^

Answer #28

not alll drugs are good only natural like weed it helps with so much s**t

Answer #29

Yesterday your argument was based on the fact that they “kills brain cells and gives you diseases” and that drugs users accomplish nothing. Why are you suddenly changing your argument? Maybe because an argument that both Loshmo and I used was that you had no personal experience in using drugs? To be honest, I doubt that you genuinely do know anyone.

If you did then you would know that it would be better for that person if drugs were legalised. This would allow the government to keep better tabs on drug users, keep drugs cleaner and open up more research into drugs, perhaps even taking out the addictive chemicals in them and finding new medicines in them.

For example did you know that in weed there are two chemicals in it that exist side by side that have opposite effects on the user. One produces hallucinations and, in those susceptible, schizophrenia, and the other chemical actually counteracts this and can help to cure mental diseases. If we can harness this second chemical, imagine the impact on the medical world! Plus, if we are controlling the supply of cannabis, we can be sure that the plants that we are growing have a higher percentage of the second chemical than the first, thus helping to control the effect that the cannabis has on the user.

Answer #30

Haha omg you are actually laughable. If you are so sure you are right and all that blah. Then why you do care whats good about drugs? Or are you doing that thing AGAIN where you ask another question merely to moan on about how drugs are bad. Well seriously my lovely I too am a product of the media I’ve been told frequently the damage of some drugs but you are obviously unaware of some of the actual fact. I was on a site set up with the intention of showing kids that drugs are bad and they even said themselves that both cannabis and LSD aren’t physically addict so. The only real issue is the stuff drugs get mixed with which wouldn’t happen if they were legalised. At the end of the day. It’s really none of your business. You aren’t a doctor you have no right telling me what is and isn’t good for me. Infact canabis has actually been found to have numberous medical benefits. You are making snap generalisations based on ignorance and fear. You my dear are a product of the media brain washed and brain dead. Ironic how you cry on about brain cells dying but don’t appear to be using any of yours.

Answer #31

Okay, well if you will read through my posts again you will see that I have been offering scientific evidence to support my answers.

Why drugs are so good?

Okay, they’re good because they can help to save a lot of peoples’ lives – as I’ve already explained with the example of cannabis, they have chemicals which have not been fully explored but which could be harnessed to create new medicines.

They are good for the same reason that alcohol is, for the same reason that caffine is, for the same reason that sex is, for the same reason that driving is, for the same reason that leaving your house every day is. All of these things have risks, but sometimes risks are worth taking. They take you to a new place, help you to see things from a new perspective, help you to dance all night, help to stimulate muscle growth, help you to create art, help you to calm down when you’re feeling anxious, help you to appreciate the people around you, help you to laugh, and so on and so on.

Think about all of the amazing music created whilst the artist was on drugs. Not something that wasters who will “never achieve anything” will do.

Answer #32

Or as would say

ig⋅no⋅rant    /ˈɪgnərənt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ig-ner-uhnt] Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective

  1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
  2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
  3. uninformed; unaware.
  4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

Stu⋅pid    /ˈstupɪd, ˈstyu‑/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [stoo-pid, styoo‑] Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, -er, -est, noun –adjective

  1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
  2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
  3. tediously dull, esp. due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
  4. annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.
  5. in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

…Both mean the same thing? Hmm? Or are you further proving the point that you are both IGNORANT of the words “ignorant” and “stupid” and STUPID for trying to argue with me about something which you are clearly wrong about?

Answer #33

I’m closed minded cause I’ve open my mind to people who does and did drugs, and I’ve learned this risks. that’s enough to make me not want to do them. you can’t tell me I won’t understand if you don’t try to explain. I’m not willing to try it once and get addicted to something I will hate. I’ve heard what one of the owner’s a drug company had to say, and I doubt you’ll want to hear it, but it hurt me really bad cause of what he said but it’s almost true. and that’s something you’ll never undestand cause you’re too closed minded to understand and listen to the risks and what it does to your body. I’m not willing to kill myself over something that’d make me possibly feel good when there are better and healthier ways to do it.

Answer #34

Actually caffeine drinkers do tear up there bodies. It increase heart rate and as heart attacks are the biggest killers I think that’s quite vital and also caffeine withdrawls cause the blood vessles in your head to dilate. Other withdrawl symptoms are headache, irritability, an inability to concentrate, drowsiness, insomnia and pain in the stomach, upper body, and joint pain. All according the NHS website. So yes I think you will find caffeine is very harmful to ones body. Are you gonna post a whole question moaning about cups of tea now?

Answer #35

Yep, see LSD was actually created in a lab by a scientist who was trying to create a substance which would help mental health patients. It is very rare to get LSD which will harm you because LSD can only react to create LSD-ISO which is harmless and symptomless to human beings. Scientists could help to create more drugs like this which are clean and this would satisfy the needs of drug users without the risks that they currently take due to the nature of the drug market.

Answer #36

no, I want to know why YOU think they’re good. that should be simple enough unless you really don’t know.

Answer #37

brain dead? then howcome I know what can happen after using drugs? I’ve been around the people, and I for one should know. I’m one of the only in the world who is barely affected by living with druggies and can control my emotions and feelings and what I do with my life. usu. people who’s lived with them, end up doing them themselves.

Answer #38

I’m not telling you what you should and should not do. I’m trying to get what people think. in my future, I do want to be a doctor, so I’m trying to give my opinion while listening to others. ;) … is that even okay anymore?

Answer #39

The fact it happens at all makes it as bad surely? And also “effects of caffeine develops after consuming 400 mg of caffeine 3 times a day for 7 days” I don’t think LSD works that quickly. In fact as far as I’m aware LSD doesn’t have any withdrawl symptoms.

Answer #40

interesting debate here. you, little girl are utterly ignorant and stupid. if you are so prejudiced against drug users, why care what benefits arise from the use of drugs?

on a different note, LSD does give you nasty flashbacks dude, and having a bad trip is truly a horrific experience, but then again, the outcome is purely up to the user and whether he willingly or unwillingly uses the drug. My point being that if someone is willingly doing anything, nomatter the harm, what right do you, or the government for that matter, have to stop them?


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