Tips on how to fist fight?

Im fighting a girl soon and I need tome help on how to fight.

Answer #1

mkkk… so this girls running her mouth and im getting tired of it… she says she can take me but I know she cant, shes never faught before… but I do not want to throw the first punch… but I know she wont because she doesnt know how to fight… I mean this girl used to be my best friend and then she went and called me a B*tch to three people, so yeah… but anyways.. how do I get her to throw the first punch??

Answer #2

I am opposed to fighting but this is fun advice therefore, go for the face as fast as you can. Move your fists like a speedy machine and she won’t be able to see anything. If you are committed to fighting do not waste time talking and just go for it and she will not know what hit her.

Also, the most painful place to hit a female, kick rather, is in the shin and she will be in so much pain that your machine face punching fists will totally win your fight.

With that said, I hope you don’t fight, it just makes things worse all around.

Answer #3

okay that depends on the person

tall- get close because tall peole usually have more reach stronger than you- DONT GRAPPLE stun them and takedown and smash fast- if they’re faster than you most of the time they’re small or low on bodyweight so get close grapple and use your weight advantage against them

dont get nervous remain calm and be ready for anything during the fight and when she has taken a lot of damage or is stunned snap and just destroy her

Answer #4

If you get her on the ground step on her hair so she cant get up.

Answer #5

thank you guys :) and also can I get sued for fighting her?

Answer #6

I wouldn’t recommend it - fued will just continue and maybe escalate into something out of control - be smart.

Answer #7

thank you so much :)

Answer #8

moonchild. she might need this advice just incase the girl throws the first punch/punches. she never said that she was going to hit her first, she just said that they were going to fist fight.

Answer #9

punch straight … don’t stop … punch her in her face or lower abdomen to slow her breathing … and cover your face so she doesn’t touch it …

Answer #10

ok when you fist fight dont start on the stairs like I did lol (that hurt). You want to make sure that you dont over do it at the beganing because you wont have enough energy to finish them off! when you punch, punch straight, not curving around to punch them. mostly you’ll just do what you think you should at the time. Just to remember to beat the f* out of them!

Answer #11

keep your hands up and tuck in your chin

Answer #12

just keep your head tuked an throw punches in bunches an dont stop until shes down. I wrestle and when I got inna fite with a guy that was way taller than me I let him throw the first punch, got him in a headlok an threw him down. then I got on top of him an pounded him in the face until it was broke up

Answer #13

haha, just a tip : grab hold of the ears instead of the hair. no one gives a shit bout losing a few strands of hair, buh losing an ear? yeah, thatll make em go down to the ground.

Answer #14

I say just start bombin on that bih go staight 4 the face bang her head aganist a locker or sumthin but you got 2 get her on the ground when you get her there itz all over then you stomp the hell out of her you try 2 aim 4 the face kick her in the mouth while shez on the floor and the stomach then just keep stompin after stand over her and say bih you just got knocked the f**k out

Answer #15

well, I’m suspended from school right now for fighting, but what I did wa hi her unexpectedly, then grab her hair, & bring her head down while you bring your knee up to meet her face. thenm throw her on the ground get on top of her & just punch the hell outta her. :)

PS.) Good Luck

Answer #16

it’s long but worth reading and trust me, it will do a lot of damage if you do it right.

DONT point your ellbows out but dont point them in. keep your hands in close to you, but out enough to gaurd your face. keep them almost level with your face. okay keep the hand that you write with more towards you, and the other one out a little farther. the one out fartyher is called teh ‘jabbing’ hand, which is the one you use to lightly punch so you cdan spring your dominant hand. okay, jab (which is like a hard tap) and then bring your other hand forward. dont punch with the flat part of your hand, try and tilt your fist with your knuckles forward. keep your mainpunching hand straight when your mid swing but when you get directly up to the targetflip it. (thats kind of hard to explain) and when you punch, your waist should kind of pivot. and your stance is very impostant. not to wide but not to much in. kind of make an L with yout feet. and when you mainly punch (not jab) your back leg should pivot.

I take tae kwon do and this is how we do it. hope I helped :D

Answer #17

im supost to fight these girls 2morrow. well its 3 aginst 3. and we didnt start it. it was them. they run there mouth saying stuff about me and my 2 friends. they say we do it but we dont. now my all of our moms have talkd to them so they said they would stop but no. they have=nt. we even said we would press charges. but that still hasnt stopd them. well I dont wanna fight its for no reason at all. but if they hit me im gonna hit them back. wow I wrote a lot. lol. alls I gotta say is wear your hair up. wear no jewlry. (rings are good) punch h]your hardeset. ohh and dont start the fight.

Answer #18

yes you can get sued. and you can get pressed charges against you, and get fined.

if you really want to fight her, then aggravate her and make her start throwing a few opunches first so you can claim it as self deffense.

otherwise she can sue you all she wants.

Answer #19

thanks guys =]

Answer #20

look im a dude but this is how I fight. this will own them

if your right hand sweep your right arm around her neck into a headlock (if your lefty same thing with left hand) you are gunna bring her face around your body so her face is looking at the ground now dont completely shut off her breathing thats just cruel and you can get fined for attempted murder haha.. your gunna jab (light punches) with your opposite hand first her eye (daze her) 2nd her nose it will tear up her eyes and when you do those punches pull hard up in the headlock just while you deliver the punches they shuld be pretty hurt by now if their still up throw a cupple more in the jaw she shuld be down by now if not let her go shes gunna have to regain somewhat of her breath slap/punch her as hard as you can right in the face if she falls kick her right in the mouth once than I know shes gunna be down :] hope it helps!

Answer #21

you should put your mind set liek an animal, just be intent to kill. throw punches, try to knock her to the ground, and when you do, kick her, or get on her on punch on her down there. you stop when someone pulls you off of her, or she goes unconsious

Answer #22

Oh my gosh I can’t believe people are giving this a response! You probably won’t listen to me, but leave her alone. You don’t need to fight anyone. It’s low.

Answer #23

k my friend got in a fight last week and this is what happend… she pulld the weef out of the girls hair. she punchd her in the mouth dropd her to the flooor and didnt stop punchin her till somebody stopd her

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