Tips for middle-school?

Is 7th grade hard?? Stressful,this is going to be my first year in middle-school and im pretty nervous…also scared because all the bratty kids from last year are in my class,but also glad because some of my friends are there 2!!! What should ido to make middle-school better than my past years? And whats the big difference between elementry,middle,jr,and high school? Thanx

Answer #1

omg me too…

Answer #2

its so freakin easie but just watch what you say to 8 and 7th graders they will beat you up I was in fights everyday because people would talk about me saying I was a yankee but I am 100% REDNECK

Answer #3

stuff your bra

Answer #4

Im in 8th grade now soon going to highschool! I remeber I was sooo nervous on the first day of middle school dont be! just stick with your TRUE friends. Middle school sux to be honest but its what you make it! I no im about to leave and I wasted a lot of my time on pointless bullshit and fake people dont do that! you will regret it. but your at an incredibly awkward age everyone is changing people are immature and there will be pointless drama about the slut and the girl not getting the guy etc I wish I could redo 7th grade it was the best and worst year of my life all I no is have fun! dont waste time because it flys in 8th grade. you will learn who you truly are in the end and its all worth it I promise. but you will lose people when you mess up the people that are still with you those are your true friends. be ursell. have fun. get good grades. and make memeories!!!

Answer #5

ok I was so nervous when I started middle school and its not as bad as everyone thinks trust me, to make middle school better than your past years try to have fun and ignore the bratty kidz, the diffl. between elementry and middle school is well you have more kidz um and you go to different classes for each subject, high school isnt much different, I don’t think (im not in high school yet so im not to sure but I have a friends in high school they its not bad) hope I helped


p.s. don’t forget to just hang with your friends and have fun

Answer #6

In 7th grade, try to get A’s and B’s on your report card. dont focus on your bratty classmates. during break and lunch, hang out and socilaize with your friends, invite people to parties, ans join clubs at school. dont be a stick in the mud, and dont be boring if you want your 7th grade year more interesting than your elementary school.

Answer #7

Middle school is no walk in the park. It’s a time where you’re changing the most- physically and emotionally. You’re going to be very insecure. It’s a time where you find out who you really are, and who you’re not. The best advice I can give you for going into 7th grade is to keep your priorities straight- schoolwork first. I know it sounds dull, but when you’re secure with your grades, everything else (Making friends, Getting a girlfriend, Family) seems to just fall in place.

Hope this helps, emma11

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to message me =]

Answer #8

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but middle school is the worst. its when everyone is really awkward and feels horrible and ugly. people are starting to mature and get braces and acne. the kids are incredibly immature and are starting to experiment with bad things such as drugs. also the material covered is boring. so if you can stick it out, high school will be much better. My advice is to just go with the flow and stick with your good friends, people who are nice elementary-babyish, everyone is friends middle-awkward, boring hs-fun, more freedom

Answer #9

elementry school- where you don’t have a care in the world. middle school- tiny bits of drama. chasing after boys.. highschool- DRAMA. DRAMA. DRAMA.

enjoy middle yourself to make & keep good friends.

if you have any more questions, please fun mail me!

Answer #10

its not important really at all. just have fun and if you mess up your grades it usually doesnt count in 7th grade so relax high school is easier but u got to pay attention to grades good luck**

Answer #11

You’re going to be fine 7th its a piece of cake just do your sh*+ and everything should be fine. The big difference from elementary school and high school is that in elementary school you in a class and you’re with your friends and you’re in a line. In high school you have independence kinda and you dont always have a class with your friends and things can get intense!!!

Answer #12

not hard at all..r you like a kid who gets good grades? and I am a sofomore now..soo I kinda sorta forget what it was like but for the most part it is easy :) but the diff. between elementry and middle school is like you are at the bottom of the chain at a new school. same with high school. you know? like in elementry nobody cares but once you hit the 5th grade you feel all big and bad bc you are older than everyone else. but then you get to middle school and you are at the bottom again.

Answer #13

7th grade for me was the easiest.. the only big difference is the size and amount of kidz… for me tho 6th was middle school start.. but still.. its not all that bad.. =)

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