I think my dog is having puppies?


Answer #1

my dog is going to have puppys have do I what the signs are that it is time to have the puppys.

Answer #2

Hello your answer is about 63 days. I mark the day on the calender from when she was bred. Do you know when she hooked up with a male dog? This is called tied, she tied with a male.

There are several ways to tell she is getting ready to have her puppies, if you don’t have the day she is due.

One is the puppies do drop, meaning they are not under the rib cage anymore but are moving towards the birthing position. Most of the puppies are lined up on each side of your dog in what is called the horns. There are two. If you see an xray you may see puppies in the middle but that puppy is still in the horn.

Her milk will come in 5 to 7 days before puppies are due.

She will start nesting, meaning looking for a dark out of the way place to have the puppies. May even be at the end of your couch to under your night stand.

You should start taking her temperture rectally several days before your due date. Her temp. will go any where from 102 or 98 to 96 or 92 meaning it drops. When the temp. drops you have about 12 hours or less.

The best thing to do if you are new to this, is take her to your Vet’s have an exam and an X-ray done. This way you will have a better idea when the puppies are due and how many she will be having. This is not expensive to have done.

You need to have a puppy box. A small plastic pool is great or have one built that is out of boards with a little rail or rod running along the sides. This will help her not lay on the puppies accidently. If she tries to have the puppies anywhere else just move her to the box when she starts her labor. She will stay. Make sure the box is in an out of the way spot. Have lots of paper towels ready and old towels to help clean up. If you build your puppy box have something under it like a piece of plastic or something like that. Vinyl flooring is good, you might get a sample from a local store. Something you can clean, because birth is messy.

READ! READ! everything you can on whelping. That is what dog’s having puppies is called. She is ready to whelp or she has whelped her puppies.

Good luck puppies are great and fun but a lot of work and you will have to make sure they go to the Vet at 3 days old to have their dew claws done and 6 weeks for shots and deworming. Qualify your homes and make sure your puppies go to the best forever homes you can find for them. Be selective. 8 weeks old is a good time to run an ad in your local paper for homes. I would put a price on them because this way if someone if willing to buy the pup they are more likely to take care of it.

Good luck - do research - search the web on whelping a litter.

Answer #3

Hi there! I have a staffie too,she is the miniature breed of staffie not the american type. She is fixed, but I wish she wasn’t, she would have some pretty sick puppies!! good luck to your staffie! and the puppies!

Answer #4

SPAY YOUR DOG! stop adding to the problem!

Answer #5

75% of you people are IGNORANT…on here

Answer #6

Ya know…I just answered another question here about “does anybody care about all the dogs and cats on death row”…You might do well to read it, also, emanresu1…or better yet, take a hike to the local dog pound on “kill day”…hang out for a few hours…you might not be “smiling” by the end of your experience.


Answer #7

my blue pit justhad her first litter of pups and she was pretty big but only had 5, how can I tell if she is finished having the pups, its been almost 24 hours since the last one was born.

Answer #8

Some people are not heartless and cruel for their dog getting pregnant nor do we add to the problem. Example? I saved a dog off the side of the road that was almost killed and run over. I discovered upon getting her home that she was in heat. Let me also say that I had every intention from the start to keep her. As fate had it I discovered upon taking her to the vet that she was pregnant. And I pam letting her have her puppies and then she will be spayed. Dogs can bring much happiness to many homes and families across the United States not to mention the much needed unconditional love that some people need. The real problem is ignorant people that get dogs and do not think about the age old question…Can I take care of this animal. So all you haters out there I do agree about spaying and neutering your pets. But dont be so damn heartless! Maybe some of you people need some unconditional love.

Answer #9

my miniature bull terrier is due to have pups at the end of october, Not to concerned about UNWANTED DOGS WHEN you HAVE CHILDREN THAT ARE BEING TREATED WORSE THAN AN ANIMAL! All you negative people or advocates for dogs try to start treating animals like animals and human beings like humans rather than do the opposite! You bought it you have the right to breed it!

Answer #10

what are the signs of a dog being pregnant

Answer #11

well dont listen to all those rude people I mean yeah you should of spayed your dog but its too late for that so yeah uhm it takes two months for a dogs pregnancy and also when shes about to give birth she will be looking for nesting place mostly your bed lol and uhm she will most defenatl act differerent also you can feel and see the pups when there moving this is a sign that shes about to give birth and have a discharge also!!

hope I helped!! :)

Answer #12

well you should have like a comfy little area for your dog to give birth in and stuff. so yah it’ll lay down in the area it thinks is most comfortable and then it’ll lay on it’s side and some purple gushy stuff will come out of the dog’s you know what and a puppy will be in each purple gushy blob thing oh and if you see the puppies, try and help them out of the purple gushy stuff because if they don’t get out in time they could suffocate and die. Good Luck though!

Answer #13

My dog delivered 1 puppy this morning but my retarded brother wont stop giving the puppy attention and my dog isnt giving the puppy any attention. I think its cuzz of him. what do I do? Also theres more puppies in her but shes not delivering them, how much longer do I wait? its been 10 1/2 hours since she delivered her first one.

Answer #14

when its not jumping around or when hes just sitting around doin nuthing

and when its about to come

it might laying down on its backk

and it nasty watchin a dog give birth loll

even tho I was sayin “pushh” to make a dramatic moment lol

Answer #15

Get your dog spayed, emanresu1…don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Spay your dog and let her live a long happy life!


Answer #16

2 months and you know when she starts looking for places and she starts acting strange my dog just had puppies in september and is about to have more in a couple weeks :)

Answer #17

I,am foasting a pit bull female she came into the dog selter last friday. I,am fosting she because we think she is going to have puppies or already did when she came in it felt like there were puppies in there so I took her home to foast her her teamp[ was that night 101.8.we felt something moving like puppies her teap went from 101.8 down to 92 than the next day it went from 92 to 91. she been having brown redish stuff come out of she provie area now we do,nt feel any puppies so how can I tell if she is still going to have puppies or she alredy had puppies.my boss is going to call the vet monday.she wanting to hump the other dogs I only have females so that a good thing.my can,nt have puppies

Answer #18

Although spaying is of course the best thing for a female dog so she doesn’t bring unwanted pups into the world, sometimes even the best of intentions go awry. My dog was in heat, tied in MY yard, when someone ELSE’s dog came in, got her stuck, and made her pregnant. It is NOT only the female dog’s owners that are at fault. If other people would be responsible and keep their dogs in THEIR yards, my dog wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. And by the way, we did intend to spay our dog, but my husband developed cancer, and money got tight. Are you suggesting that I just kill the dog because I can’t afford to spay her right now? Which would you do? Pay your husband’s medical bills, or pay for your dog to get spayed? It isn’t always a perfect world. Get a grip and stop placing blame on the female’s owner. What’s done is done, start being a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Answer #19

my jack russell terrier is due to have her puppies on october 3rd. and I agree with spaying too. I always thought she wouldn’t get pregnant because she never let my brother-in-laws chihuahua around her. so I thought I had time to get up the money to get her fixed. well, that didn’t happen. she let him by her and she got pregnant. things happen. hopefully she only has two and that way I can keep one and my BIL can keep one. then I can work on getting the money to fix her. stop hating people. things happen and sometimes it’s out of our hands. when she starts building a nest she’s ready to birth. sometimes. it all depends on the dog. my vet told me to just wait it out and see what happens. she said there is no reason to pay for x-rays as my dog is very healthy and doesn’t need them unless I feel there is a problem.

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